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Because your book is in the world now doesn't mean it can be seen. Making it easy for authors to publish great books themselves. There are even free publishing offers. With Empire Publishing, publishing is easy and stress-free. We' re a self-publisher who can help you to print, publish and advertise your book.

Get more emoluments than a conventional publishing house with the same high end distributor.

Get more emoluments than a conventional publishers with the same premier distributor. There are no self-publication fees to turn your script into a professional work. Send your manuscripts today! Use our free publication services today and your novel could be available in just 90 working day on key websites, up to and including Kindle and Nook - absolutely free.

We will have your copy on site within 90 working hours. If you are a serious author who can't afford to sit back and relax, we have Expedited Publication your publication online and earn a royalty within 7 workdays! Well, now that you are not going to spend your elusive earnings on self-publishing, consider taking a little holiday, or investing in advertising that is crucial to your book's popularity.

Free publisher of books! Free-of-charge artwork, layout, publication and dissemination in printed and e-book formats. So if you have asked yourself how you can be posted, or if you are considering self-publishing, we are the free publish to you. Is your publisher's service really free? Yes, our publishers are really free! We provide everything you need for publication:

As soon as you have 100 pieces on sale, your works are available in printed form and become part of our extended sales services, which include Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble and Amazon! What is your publication policy - are you prepared? There are three most important things we need to start with your book: your name, your script and your character.

Don't miss the descriptions, that's what prospective clients will be reading on websites and the same information that will appear on the back of your work. Make it a custom to advertise your books a few moments a week can result in big things and bigger royalties!

Please click here to dowload our Authors Cheklist to ensure that you have the information you need to publish your work. You' ll be amazed at how much more you can do with a free publishers, see this self-publishing comparison or see a recent paper on the evolution of publication. DO I NEED TO GO WITH A FREE PUBLISHERS?

Writers without publishers' budgets: Are you not sure what a free publishers thinks? Check out our recently released works and help our writers by read a new one. Writers considering self-publication: Remuneration for self-publication is a risky and an undertaking. When you think about self-publishing, you have probably cross-referenced a few self-publishers, taking into account their qualitiy, cost and range.

Self-editing does not include advertising unless you pay for it. One of the key facts is, your books will follow your business, whether it is corporate network connection, on-line messages, e-mail blasting, visitor blogs, printing tools... the lists goes on and on. We have a sales coverage similar to that of a conventional publishers; using your funds sensibly for your own sales efforts will increase your chance of success.

Turn the risks around: With our free of charge publisher services, we put the risks of your publisher project on our backs for you. When your product isn't sold as well as you'd expected, you're not out of tens of thousand bucks of self-publishing. On the other hand, if your product is selling well, you own the right to reprint it or even subscribe to a conventional publisher.

Taking into account the out-of-pocket expenses, you have to be selling many more titles to get to a point where higher license fees from some self-publishers are actually beneficial. Imagine you go to make and distribute your work at an approximate self-publishing price of $1,200.

Allows you to resell your own copy and keep 100% of the profits! Writers who consider traditional publishing: Traditional publishers take notice of independents who publish their work. Check with most emerging writers, it's probably their wish to get a big step forward for their tough work from a big publisher. Finding a publisher that accepts your script can take years - if at all.

As you own 100% of the copyright to your script, if this payment date comes from a large publisher, you can stamp it off your mailing lists. Subscribe to our free newsletters.

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