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Venkiteswara Annu Praveen, self-published author. Follow your publishing dream! The Free Publishing Plan includes the availability of print book in India on WFP Store and eBook on Amazon Kindle worldwide. Authors can publish their books completely free of charge! When the publishing industry in India is democratized, we believe we will discover many new authors.

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Would you like to have your book released in your own way? Our extensive portfolio of publishers, editors and marketers will help you reach the book you've been looking for for so long. Would you like to know how to write a book in India? Take the courageous choice and find out how they will be released today.

Complete the sheet on the right to get your copy of our FREE Guide to get you up and running on your astonishing literature quest. Recei regular email notifications about our publications, upcoming news and other specific notifications.

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Writers can post their scientific work such as diploma theses, doctoral theses, research work and projects free of charge. It is a high-performance self-publishing plattform for writers who can send in their scientific work for publication in printed and eBook-format. The Free Publication Schedule contains the worldwide release of WFP Store's Indian printed book and Amazon Kindle's eBook.

Writers may use worldwide sales support for a small fee for sales in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The book is available in hardcopy and eBook format via on-line sales channel. Writers can make their work available on-line without a guaranteed minimal order. Lowest necessary copy size can be used.

Orders are executed on a POD base with the book "in stock".

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We know how important your book is to you. It is your life's work and we are here to help you spread it all over the globe. Self-book editing is the best way to release a book on your own and become a self publishers in India.

You do not have to rely on the editor in your work, you have the right to do anything you want with your work. Come and see us for the best self-publishing service for your creation and choose the bundle that suits your work most. We also work as an e-book publishers in India & our aim is to facilitate e-book publication in India as much as possible.

On our site are different types of eBook advertising available, you can choose from available bundles as you like and get your free eBook advertising free of charge easy-. Self-publication: Many of us even get and post recognition from our contemporaries, but this letter and this recognition is limited to facesbook and questions.

Due to a shortage of links and sources, these artists never made it to the publishers. It seems Jack is the only way to publish a book in the conventional world. However, this is not the case with self-publication. Self-editing provides the full mastery of the authoring process.

Do you have a book to publish? It is available in printed and eBook format in the large on-line shops. Publishing fiction, non-fiction, academic literature and poetry in English and Hindi.

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