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.. More than 70,000 free textbooks. Your book will be distributed to large retail stores such as Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. The third book of the crown series, From Princess to Prophesy, deals with the lives of Moses from the times when he was a heir to the Egypt royal family to the times when he became a pastor and a great prophesy of God to guide the Israeli sons of Egypt's slave.

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In contrast to what conventional medical science says about fear disturbances, there is a totally different comprehension of the causes of them. The Crown Series' 4th book, From Sheet Herd to King. It is about the lives of David, the young pastoralist who killed Goliath with a sling and who spent years living as a refugee, while he was fighting for the establishment of the Israel people and then became their king.

Who we publish

Though often described as a sweetheart, we believe that this present should not be hid in jealousy, but should on the contrary share with the rest of the know. We promote various works that have been published on a broad spectrum of classic and modern themes in the field of Catholic thisology. On the one side, our goal is to introduce our reflections on theatre into a dialog with new ways of ecclesial living and missions.

At the same time, we promote Bible sermons and testimonies with the aim of lighting a fire in people's hearts or to strengthen the still burning lights until the long-awaited Second Coming of the Lord. Our global sales and marketing networks ensure that the lights of the earth reach the end of the globe through our products.

The writers are Priest, Pastor, Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist and Missionary. We provide free publishing is a great tool for spreading the Word of God to the whole earth. We provide the following resources to our writers who are part of our missions.

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