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Access help with book design in Microsoft Word, Pages, Open Office, Word Perfect and other processing programs! Modify your book or cover as often as you like and for free. Receive your free instant quote now! Letterpress printing at unbeatable prices for self-publishers. Allow us to help you with your final step and print your book today.

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When you are not sure if your documents are printable or if you know they are not, please send them in for a free evaluation and we will let you know if you are on the right way. It will tell us and you how much work is needed to get your data up and running.

If you submit your data for review before ordering, you can safe your own costs and resources. Simply tell us what your book should look like and submit your data. I' ll verify that the data is printable so that we can create a good looking file for you.

I will give you within 48 hrs your sent fileback.

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With our book artwork, you can help reduce your book design costs and saving your own resources by automation of some of the setup and formating work. There are free book artwork for inside pages and covers. Books for Wort--Inside Pages: They can be used in practically any text processing program (such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, Pages, World Perfect, etc.) Please note: It is not necessary to use these documents.

When you have already typed your book in a text editor, it is probably simpler to make some fundamental formattings in your current one. However, if you are just starting out, we recommend that you use one of our Microsoft publication styles, open it and just type. In case you are not acquainted with various text editing programs, we recommend that you use the program's built-in "Help" function, which is free of charge.

Don't be afraid, you can call us and tell us your measurements and we will give you the right sizes for your coverage. InDesign Book Covers: -- For InDesign: For InDesign CS5, select one of the following free book covers templates. They' are sorted by spines according to the number of pages in your book.

We currently have 5.5 x 8.5 InDesign book templates, but we will add the other default book formats soon. Does your book have more than 440 pages? We will soon add these book cover templates, along with templates for our other 3 default book formats: We will also add book cover templates for Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word.

Book artwork for publishers will be quite simple. They will be configured so that you can submit a unique PDF document with a back envelope, back and front envelope on one page. However, the book covers for Word will be slightly different. Microsofts Word is really not intended for page layouts and designs.

Designing a book jacket in Word can be a daunting task even for a true professional. You will receive one-page front and back covers. Just submit the two PDFs, we will put them together and attach a back to them. This is a very brief movie (less than a minutes and a half) that gives you a brief description of how you can use our free book artwork for your interior pages.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to use our template. After you have entered your book, it will probably be simpler if you just make a copy of your book and work on the reformat.

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