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You want to be able to continue your book tour and your TV appearances. Do you offer free manuscript and editing services? Complimentary advice and recommendations for authors looking for the best book and manuscript editors. For more information on editing and proofreading services, visit Editing Defined and request your free sample editing and publication advice. If you pay for professional editing, shouldn't you be sure that your book is error-free?

The Reedsy Book Editor: Write, modify and exchange a nice book for free.

After our last report on e-book publishers was successful, we chose to make an e-book format 101 with the most common converter. There is no need to teach you how to encode (or adjust the margin), as Reedsy Book Editor can do it for you. Authors and publishers have access to a free and easy-to-use e-book editor.

In order to use Reedsy Book Editor, you must either be registered on the website or just log in to Facebook or Google. Don't be afraid, it's free to use! Took me a while to find the book editor: he is hiding in the area on the lefthand side under My Literature.

Please just type in the name of your book! Unfortunately, you cannot just move your entire book there by dragging and dropping. You must either use the book editor to create your book (if you agree to type it in your book in your clouds instead of MS Word or Google Docs, or wherever you' re written these days); store your chapter in Word seperately and place it on the plattform; or just copy and paste it.

And if you want to move your chapter using dragging and dropping or copying and pasting, don't worry: your editing will remain the way you want it. For the font to work correctly, your editing choices are limited: you can select from default parent styles ("normal"), three layers of headers, quotes, list, and some elementary font formats.

It' a great way for creating your own format. While Reedsy is generating your copyrights page by default, for example, there is still the possibility to add your own title page. However this additional front material looks rather questionable, with enforced notches in the first line. Not only is Reedsy Book Editor a good choice if you have a novel, it can also work with some non-fiction or picture-heavy work.

The way I like to handle notes: you type the notice at the top of the page and it goes to a "Notes" section. At the end of the book or at the end of the section, you can choose to have your memos at the export. I' miss'Insert section break', but I can probably type *** myself.

In order to add your details to the front page, go to the "Export (Download)" page and choose "Book Settings". Here you can type in titles, subtitles, author's pseudonym, issue, descriptions, different types of ISBNs (for the printed, epoxy or mobile versions), post your artwork, name your contributor (translator, illustrator) and your publishing house.

Navigate to the desired table of contents layer and add some extra functions, such as dropping cap and fading out chapters. After you have chosen the data type, you can position the endnotes. We will send your files by e-mail within a few mins. Things look really proffesional - except for the above mentioned front thing.

Once I have checked the book visual, I also verify it with the offical epoxy validation tool, and it will work.

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