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Complimentary book cover templates for Word

I' ve set up some free book formatting templates and instructions here to help you:. Complimentary starter kit with digital guide'Write Book' + Word and PDF templates Free templates and tutorials for formatting your book in Word or Indesign. Buchcover design secrets that sell more books. It' a known fact that most people judge books by their cover. Complimentary Book Jacket Layout Template for self-publishers.

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It' a known fact that most poeple rate a book by its cover. When the cover and designs are stunning, many are tempted to leaf through the pages of the book to learn more about the book and its content. You can see the book's name at the top and the author's name can be found under the image.

It' a beautiful artwork with a lot of white room and colourful little tricorn. It' an excellent cover for romance books and tales. When you plan to release a book about a fascinating romance scandal, this may be your final decision. With a book at the top, the cover can have a vivid look.

It is well suited for non-fiction such as motivation manuals.

Word Help | DIY Book Cover Templates

These are some ressources to start creating book art in MS Word. Below you can find a free pack with a guidebook and some book cover templates. To make the Word templates look like my examples, you need to review the type styles page and either find the same typefaces or search for alternatives that are similar using the Word "Fonts by Genre" option.

It is recommended that you view these video clips first, then try the example pack and go through the instructions. Then, use the templates, insert your own pictures and modify the font styles to create your own custom book cover designs. Here is a shortcut to the example pack; you can use the Quickstart Guides or Cheat Sheets to fix bugs and teach the cables.

There' are a few belletristic and non-fiction cover templates to use. This tutorial is written in Word 2010. Remember that there are many more templates in the Epic Book Design Bundle.

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