Free Book Cover Templates for microsoft word

Complimentary book cover templates for Microsoft Word

And the great thing is that anyone can edit them with MS Word! They are inferior images (mostly with watermarks) that can be downloaded for free. we' ve got templates for inside pages and envelopes. Use CreateSpace to create free Word templates for authors, which can be a good starting point. When you want to create a book cover with Wattpad.

com, it's not.

MS Word | DIY book cover templates

Being a book cover artist with a fame for making cover that sells, I wanted to find a way to help more independent writers cut costs and take complete command of their cover designs without the risks of making an unsightly cover that has the only way to make a good first impact.

Eventually I chose to try creating artwork in Microsoft Word: a tool most writers already use and have at home (or know someone who does). I needed a few month of training, but I found that, against what is commonly believed, you can create a rather unbelievable book cover with MS Word 2010.

What's great about these cover art is that anyone can work on it with MS Word! It is possible to substitute the images and the Word document keeps all the preferences I have selected. Re-enter the title and subtitle, enter your name, modify the font and color.... and have a nice cover in no time.

This all means that for the first a self-published author, I was able to provide easy to customize book cover templates so that they can create their own one-of-a-kind cover without it looking like an hobbyist or home-made. You can register as a member to receive all templates - plus the templates for my new Cover Maker utility.

For an example template pack and free instructions on how to design your cover in MS Word, click the large orang. Please click on me for free templates! The templates are not intended to be used "as they are" for your book cover. Several of them are built on best-selling textbooks just to show what types of book cover you can get in MS Word.

Complimentary book layout templates and MS Word style guides.

A 10-step book reformatting session in Microsoft Word. We' ll go through everything you need to do to create a book from the ground up for print-ready PDF files that you can use with our products, such as Createspace and Lightning Sources. I' ve used Word 2016 for these movies, but almost all functions are the same as before.

Restart your own documents from the ground up, or download our free set of style sheets to get to work. Usually when I begin to format a book for printing, I have to remove all tabulators, indentations and duplicate blanks with the Replace utility (so I can correctly reattach them).

Important thing to leard about Microsoft Word is that you should use types to reformat your book for printing and e-book - especially headlines, so you can move sections around in your browser area. Shhh..... studying how to reformat your own textbooks can be a nuisance.

It' simpler with our nicely crafted, 100% free templates. You' ll need to create header and footer lines before you divide the script into segments (which you must do). Maintain the look of your book cover for the chapters page. For a free example of a copyrights page in one of my free book templates.

Their book needs two'about the author' paragraphs - that on the back is sale copy and should have just enough essential information to help the book sale (but only if you have any certificates or a glittering texture that will really impress folks - otherwise jump over it and put a resume it instead).

This section about the writer inside your book is where you can begin to relate with your reader after they finish their readings and want to know more about you. Word is not perfect for text layouts or the addition of images, so it's a little bit annoying when you try to place things exactly where you want them.

However, if you are creating a story book, children's book or dictionary (like poetry), it may be important to know how to do this. I' m going to discuss drop caps, decorations and style in this movie - the larger the designs, the younger the readers (YA novels have a big, nice look; grown-up fiction should be strict and well-distanced.

Much of this is already done for you in my style sheets. I' ve made them to help independent writers saving me valuable resources without making layouts and format errors. Seriously, you should be downloading the free pack. I' m also sending you my e-mail set about the publication of sold volumes - I've been informed that things are about to change.

When you need a book cover, you should visit the affiliate site www.diybookcovers. com- it has more free utilities and templates to make your book look good. In addition to a range of professionally designed and formatted book templates, you'll also receive a free e-mail set of everything I've learnt after supporting literary and non-fiction novels from my own collection of top sellers (and a full-time life of my own).

Do you need a book cover? Get all book artwork templates from DIY Book Covers when you register for the master package. You' ll be learning the general styling errors that end sells, as well as the easy pinch that trebled my book sells. Register for the Master Package and receive $433 as a free bonus!

Also you can visit the book cover page or my where I help writers and artist to create and distribute their best work. I have a doctorate in literature, talked about book creation at publishers' meetings around the globe and was introduced to CNN for the rental of palaces as a residence for rent.

Also you can visit the book cover page or my where I help writers and artist to create and distribute their best work.

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