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Explore thousands of templates and download FREE book covers or get large prints. Full editable design with front cover, back and back. Save free book cover templates. While we recommend that you format your cover with our templates, understand that you may already have an artwork for your book. Make free book covers with our simple online cover editor.

Make a nice book cover for free!

Thousands of templates, free software download and no knowledge of the game! Make an eye-catching book cover to turn the first page. Select from a broad palette of designtools, incl. picture-effect, unusual text and stick pictures! Produce great looking branding video and graphic art for printing, in-store and online at a small percentage of the costs.

Customise our easy-to-use templates and be ready in a few mins! Create professional-looking templates for poster, promotion video, publicity, social marketing, advertising, business card and all advertising material. Featuring an integrated interface, our editors combine usability with advanced features and features.

InDesign book cover template | Free template for InDesign

A free book cover artwork that contains a complete front and back cover for a pocket book or soft cover, complete with an adjustment back cover..... Extremely easiest to customise with your own size and theme, this book cover artwork is the ideal way to create your own print-ready lay-out..... Create your own cover artwork with this versatile artwork, with a back that can be scaled down to fit your needs, with easy-to-edit levels and a sleek, yet elegant look.

Ready for full cmyc imprint and trimmed, you can concentrate your energy on just making a fun cover look. Be sure to ask your printers in advance for an exact back width for your cover. It depends both on the number of pages in your book and the amount of sheet of hardcopy you want to use.

Contains the 2 most popular paper back cover formats: Here is a sneak peek at the book cover artwork, the InDesign files to be downloaded, and a series of useful hints on how to modify your artwork in InDesign. Get this free paper back cover artwork (your package contains an INDD for InDesign CS6 and an IDML for opening in InDesign CS5 or CC):

The high-resolution pictures used in this templates are available free of charge via deposit photos. Then copy the code below to look up and down-load the pictures on deposit photos: We' ve compiled a compilation of useful hints that make working with our InDesign templates very simple. As a newcomer to Adobe InDesign, it's a good idea to review it before you start working on your work.

Please click here to get the downloaded file. InDesign templates are packed and stored as zipped archives. Right-click Extract All before opening the InDesign document if you have a Windows computer. When you use InDesign CS6, open the INDD copy of the document. When working with InDesign CS4, CS5 or CC, open the IDML ver.

Professional tip: Try to lock the level of your pictures HERE to help saving your text work. Professional tip: When you work on a pattern, all entities of this colour in your documents are updated to choose the text field you want to work on. Learn more about text reformatting in InDesign to choose a substitute picture.

Have a look at our beginner's guideline for working with InDesign. Professional tip: Do your pictures look blurred? For a more detailed view of how your theme will look when you print, go to View > Overprint Preview. Learn more about changing the page size in the InDesign pane. Learn more about preparing your artwork for InDesign.

Learn more about how to edit styles in InDesign. For more tips for InDesign novices, please visit our Tutorials page. You can also get inspired by type, layouts and much more.

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