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Complimentary book cover design templates

Simply create a Wattpad cover with a book cover that fits your genre. Choose your Wattpad cover template. We also offer professional in-house book cover design and text design/formatting services. Select from our do-it-yourself (DIY) templates or a spring for a premium design and we will take care of all the details for you. Complimentary book cover design templates in PSD-editable files.


You say not to evaluate a book by its cover, but the fact is that many do, especially now that there are aspiring novelists in every nook and cranny. Featuring literally literary works released in Amazon and Wattpad every year by self-published publishers, plus literally a million-dollar book covers to select from in multiple language versions, an unforgettable and beautifully designed book cover will definitely be a key selling point for shoppers.

The book's cover gives rise to certain hopes. Just as humans assess others by their appearance at first, so it is in the same way in a book. The cover of a book depicts its face, so if the cover looks slovenly and amateurish, they will want the same from its content. The book probably won't be selling so well with such low hopes.

However, book jackets have become a separate sales and distribution instrument. To find a new writer and get more books to market, the book cover must attract people' s interest, determine the style of the book and appeal to the reader on a private scale. Today, conventional publishing houses are spending a great deal of time and effort on the part of the artist and illustrator to develop what they consider to be the ideal cover for a work.

Indeed, book design has become so important that large publishing houses produce different book envelopes and envelopes for different market segments. As a result, they created up to 50 cover art per book before eventually moving in. The" Harry Potter" range has different cover art for its UK and US readership.

The Alchemist " by Paolo Coelho has seen several cover art. Publishers are even changing some cover art for titles that have been converted into TV shows and films to appeal to those who are more associated with the work. Here are just a few samples of how much thought is put into the design of bookcover. Self-publishers can't always allow themselves the luxuries of engaging more than one designer to produce the right cover.

Luckily, the web today has a large number of resources that could help in creating nice and professionally crafted book art with high-quality design and format. It is a full place for good book cover and new storytelling. Profi-Tip: Sell your volumes to this quantity and make a fuzz that could drive you to literal size.

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