Forming a Book Club

Foundation of a book club

Nor does anyone else have much to contribute because they have not read the book and formed their own opinion. One single entry on a listserve for a Washington, D.C., neighborhood generated so much interest that four book clubs were formed. Locate like-minded club members by talking to people you know.

Create and enjoy a stimulating book. There are other clubs that are freer.

Who, What, When and How to Found a Book Club

It is an old concept that has been re-popularized by Oprah's Book Club, now nearly 2 million in number. An individual entry on a scheduleserve for a Washington, D.C., Neighbourhood created so much interest that four book clubs were made. It can be a great way to get together with your boyfriends - or get to know new faces - and get the intellect.

You don't want a club so big that folks don't have a window to speak to. The admission of members is the first stage in founding a book club. "Locate a group of individuals you feel at ease with, not necessarily those you feel happy with on every topic, but those you want to be with," said Kevin Ryan, VP of Corporate Communications at Barnes & Noble, Inc.

When you don't want to post like Branker on-line, you can use the help of local library, bookshops and verbal propaganda. "Bibliothecaires are taking the lead in some of them and founding a book club," Sheffer said. For example, Barnes & Noble has both on-line and in-store bookstores.

It began when the women were in the 4th class and went on until they finished in June last year. Now with their kids in collegiate, the moms keep the club going - for themselves. Most book clubs schedule meetings once a months - enough reading hours, usually and often enough to keep the book connected.

Is the group just going to be reading or will they concentrate on biography, sci-fi or some other kind of music? She started to distribute a section on each book that had been selected, and at a get-together the nominator of each book explained why. A number of Rotary e-learning schools allow the next club to select the book.

The way the book is debated differs. Let's take the on-line book clubs: Many individuals, however, like the face-to-face book club discussions' interactions, "to have this discussion instead of responding to a blogs or something like that," Sheffer said. Branker's Club begins its get-together with a half-hour convivial get-together over desserts, coffees and wines. This is followed by a discussion about the book.

A number of textbooks now include writer interviewing and questioning at the back of the book to help them get in. There are also points for discussions on websites. Sheffer says the most important thing is respect for other human beings and their views.

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