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You can download creative publisher templates with photos & artwork for brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards, menus, letterheads, business cards & more. To create a flyer with Microsoft Publisher. Flyer for students (in bold black and blue) PowerPoint - Small Business Flyer (in green) PowerPoint - Spring Flyer (blossoming branch design) PowerPoint.

Quickly and easily create a professional flyer with this free flyer template for Microsoft Word & Publisher.

Creating a flyer with Microsoft Publisher: 11 easy tasks

Leaflets can be useful to spread information, to draw your public's eye to specific promotions or promotions, to draw people's minds to fundraising or other activities, or simply to make specific notices. With Microsoft Publisher, you can build a flyer for any of these uses, either with the built-in template or from the ground up, and you can customise your flyer with specific demarcations to produce a reply from potential clients.

Below is a guide to creating a flyer with Microsoft Publisher 2003, 2007 and 2010. Please chose a flyer-desing. Microsofts Publisher organises its flyer themes and patterns according to the purposes for which you want to use your flyer. Publisher 2003 selects "New" from a theme in the New Publication section, then selects "Flyer" from publications to print and click the flyer button to the right of "Flyer" to display a listing of available flyer series.

Choose the desired theme from the preview gallery on the right. For Publisher 2007, choose "Flyer" under Popular publication types and then 1 of the themes under Newer themes, Classic themes or Empty sizes. Click on any theme to see a bigger one in the top right-hand corner of the Flyer Options taskbar on the right-hand side of the page.

Publisher 2010 allows you to choose "Flyer" from the available flyer template and then choose a theme from the flyer template view. Click on any theme to see a bigger one in the top right-hand corner of the Flyer Options taskbar on the right-hand side of the page. You can also get other Microsoft designs if you don't see the desired theme and have an online presence.

Choose whether your flyer is a hand-out or a self-mailer. The majority of leaflets are distributed directly to clients (flyers) or placed in places where they can be taken as a reminder of the promotional work. But sales, fundraising and promotional activities are often sent out as mailings to target clients in order to achieve a greater resonance than would be the case with the issue or placement of leaflets.

The addition of an addresse to a flyer in the publisher generates a second (back) page, whose upper third contains blanks for a postal and sender adress. In order to turn the flyer into a self-mailer, proceed as follows: Under Publisher 2003 under Customer Adress, choose "Include" to insert a postal adress, or choose "None" to do so.

To insert a postal adress in Publisher 2007 and 2010, select the "Include client address" tickbox to uncheck it. If you want to create your flyer from an empty document, the ability to insert a direct mail section on the back of the flyer is not available.

Choose whether your flyer should contain a graphics. Several of the available artwork contain a dusk graph as a wildcard picture and allow you to exclude or insert the graph in your flyer. The integration of a graphics can visually address your flyer, especially if the graphics are of relevance for the respective events, announcements or offers.

Keeping the wildcard graphics when you create your flyer allows you to modify them later for your own graphics later. In order to insert the graphical wildcard in Publisher 2003, choose "Include" under Graphics to insert it, or "None" to remove it. In order to integrate your own graphics into Publisher 2007 or 2010, activate the "Integrate graphics" option to integrate the graphics and deactivate the checkbox to do so.

Not available if you want to create your flyer from an empty document. However, you can paste an image or other graphical item into your Publisher release using the Paste Image function. Attach all necessary tear-offs. When you use your flyer to get information from the folks who see it, or to boost a sales or promotion, you'll probably want to want to tag to get that information from them or put a voucher in their hand to cheer them up.

Select this if your flyer is intended exclusively to present information to the readers, without providing them with any incentive or requesting information from the readers in exchange. Select this if your flyer is advertising a sales or promotion and you want to give a rebate to those who are responding to your ad.

Select this if your flyer is advertising a promotion for a specific products or services and you are using it to obtain orders from clients. Pull-offs are also not available if you create your flyer from the ground up. Select the colour and typeface for your flyer. Every flyer artwork comes with a standard colour schemes, but if you want to use a different colour or typeface, you can do so by choosing the appropriate new one.

Select a new colour theme from one of the above colour themes in the Colour theme drop-down list and a new typeface from the Colour theme drop-down list. Or you can customize your own colour or typeface by choosing the "Create New" item from the Colour Chart or Typeface drop-down list.

When you produce other promotional material in publishers, such as booklets, gifts vouchers or specific stationary, you should use the same colour and typeface for all these material to create a unified corporatebranding. When you use Publisher 2003, the application asks you to enter this information the first use.

Then choose this information from the Edit drop-down list to include in your flyer. For Publisher 2007 and 2010 you can choose your Corporate Information Kit from the Business Information drop-down list or choose "Create new" to generate a new Information Kit. The information will be included in your flyer.

Compile the flyer. Here you can either download the booklet or generate a printable file to e-mail to others so they can contribute to the artwork. To adjust the text to a certain format, either choose "AutoFit Text" from the Format drop-down list and then "Do not adjust automatically" (Publisher 2003 and 2007) or choose "Text adjustment" in the text group of the Textbox Tools Format and then " Do not adjust automatically" (Publisher 2010).

Then you can specify a new text area. Right click on the image you want to substitute, then click "Change image" from the pop-up window and specify where you want the new image to come from. If your flyer contains more than one wildcard image, please redo this for all other images that you want to use.

Secure the flyer. Select "Save" or "Save As" from the File command (Publisher 2003 or 2007) or from the File command panel on the lefthand side of the File folder (Publisher 2010). Name your flyer with a meaningful name. If necessary, please copy your flyer. Make sure everything is exactly as you want it before you start your flyer.

If I want to make the flyer and modify the text in the outline? You' ll need to refresh it in Publisher by reformatting the text to your liking. For how long will it take to make one? This flyer: How do I store my work? Select "File", then "Save As" and select where and what you want to store.

Is it possible to turn a two page flyer into just one page? Enter your e-mail to receive a reply when this is the case. When you insert a voucher into your flyer, make sure that the voucher contains enough information about your business or possibly a logotype so that anyone in contact with you can easily recognise the voucher as genuine when it is presented to them.

Maintain your flyer layouts reasonably, but not symmetrically. If your focus is slightly off-centre, your flyer can be more visual as long as you leave enough room to make the text and images you use easily understandable. If this is the first time you have designed a flyer from the ground up, you can first make several leaflets from a template and extract and paste items from them into your empty flyer.

Minimize the total number of typefaces in your flyer. In general, you should not blend typefaces without serifs and without serifs, although you can use a simple typeface without serifs for the title and a continuous text without serifs. To further improve the look and feel of your flyer, use items from the Clip Organizer, the Design Gallery (Publisher 2003 and 2007) or the Building Blocks group in the Insert toolbar (Publisher 2010).

When creating your flyer as a self-mailer, do not use print outlines on the mailing page to indicate where to folder the sheet, as it can be hard to draw exactly one line.

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