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The FlipBook Creator is the best Windows-based software for quickly and easily creating Adobe-based Flash flipbooks for the web with browsing effect. Publication created with the help of a professional flipbook creator looks good on any desktop computer, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet/smartphone. Users of Mac OSX will never bother to create interactive PDF flipbooks. Flipbook software lets you load your PDFs with videos and images and instantly create customizable web applications on the most popular devices. I' ve been looking for a free Flipbook animation software other than DigiCel.

Includes FlipBook Creator - PDF to Flipbooks

The FlipBook Creator is the best Windows-based application for quickly and simply building Adobe-based Flash Web applications with browsing effects. You don't need to have any coding skills to produce astonishingly good looking and digitally produced pinball book. The FlipBook Creator can produce FlipBook files that can be displayed on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhone and other portable equipment.

In addition to creating Flash banners, FlipBook Creator can effortlessly build RMP HTML 5 banners and live on-line presentations. HDML5 FTP is fully compliant with portable browser on iPad and iPhone (iOS), Android and Windows Phone platforms. You can download FlipBook Creator and install it on your Mac or on your computer. This allows you to produce any number of documents and manage the entire content inhouse.

FlipBook Creator's new cover story is now available. A free benchmark styled flipbook design is now available. For more information on the difference between FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Professional Editions, click on the "Vs Pro" folder. The FlipBook Creator provides a simple and cost-effective way for self-publishers or publishers to fulfill their own professional needs.

The FlipBook Creator Standard's Flipbook application makes it simple for anyone to build cool 3-D real-world Flash Flipbooks without the need for coding knowledge. With just 2 simple importing, style customization and publication tasks, you can build Flash or HTML5-based browsing guides with its streamlined graphical design environment. Just make a flipbook and post it conveniently on line.

Split the FTP by sharing the url with others. Select an animation wizard to tell your stories to your readers. Create your own sound with our integrated voice engin. This great function is very useful for creating presentations for meetings, children's storybooks or textbooks for schooling.

With FlipBook Creator you can generate HTML5-compatible browsing guides for non-Flash enabled portable device and display the generated browsing guides on your iPad, iPhone, Mac and other portable device. It allows your users to easily exchange the e-books they like via e-mail or via community sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Now you can even exchange the results with your flipbook mates. Simply download the Flipbook and then you can email, Twitter, FaceBoook the link to other people. With FlipBook Creator's high-performance integrated searching machine, you can quickly find and mark text on different pages. You can deactivate the links in the resultslipbooks.

Bookmark or tab pages for faster page acces. The FlipBook Creator recognizes and improves the index of your document files automaticaly. FlipBook Creator can help you creating a directory for your own publications if you want to do it yourself instead of import it from your own documents, or if your documents do not contain a directory.

When you have a Google Analytics profile, you can use the integrated Google Analytics function of FlipBook Creator. Monitor and monitor all your readers' behaviour, which includes number of visitors, traffic and page impressions, publishing times, page times, selected URLs, audio files that have been viewed, video that has been viewed, key words you are looking for and much more....

Flipbook works only on your web pages. Don't be worried that someone can copy or use your flipbook. The FlipBook Creator protects your FlipBook publications with multiple levels of protection, from basic password and encoding to the limitation that it is only shown on certain sites. You can use the water mark during the release of your publications if you want to prevent them from being copied.

Use our Look&Feel settings to adjust the colour and/or design of the navigator panel, show or hide feature keys, quickly add topics to your flipbook, specify real time papers, plain colour or an illustration as wallpaper. Specify permissions by entering a passcode to secure your Flipbook. BookShelf is an integrated BookShelf utility that could help you create a virtual eBook storage and management system.

The Flipbook Creator Server allows you to collect and display all the titles you have posted on your bookshelf and easily organize and easily exchange them with the beautiful and real life companion BooksCase utility. The insertion of banners in your scrollable page eBook is an extremely convenient way to market your products or services with a page-turning magazin, booklet and catalogue.

On the one hand it makes your flipbook HTML 5 appealing, on the other hand it can help you to provide your reader with more information comfortably. So far it only supported pictures with banners. The FlipBook Creator provides a Flipbook plug-in edition option for the user. The Flipbook plugin installation and integration into WordPress, Joomla and Drupal has never been so easy in comparison to embedded script.

Thanks to HTML5 the Flipbook Creator allows the visitor to watch the publishing on the iPad for a great readability. In addition, the operator can choose either slider or slider modes to watch the slippery books and enlarge them with the application without blurring. The Flipbook Creator allows the Flipbook uploader to the FTP server.

You can upload the flipbook by pressing the "Publish" icon and selecting "FTP" to begin the transfer of the created files to the FTP site. Obviously, it's a quick way to post a flipbook on-line. Adding annotations helps a great deal when people want to make annotations to highlight fiducials or important parts of the page.

In this case, the bookmarks feature is useful for marking a page of the publications for later use. The Flipbook Creator allows the user to choose a suitable modus between singles and doubles page modus to scroll through the Flipbook. Incidentally, the user can switch modes while you adjust the Flipbook preferences.

You can export the flipbook with the following options: Release Flash Flipbook to FlipBook Creator's Cloud Services; Web download the released Flash\html5 Flipbook; Create a Flipbook E-mail Flipbook bundle; Create standalone Windows (.exe) or Mac (.APP) for CD deployment; Integrated FTP-client that enables you to directly download the Flash\html5 flipbook to your FTP-folder.

âThis might be hard to believe, but purchasing flipbook creator not only gets you the latest release but all upcoming flipbook creator upgrades free. â flipbook creator default is desktop softwares that you can download onto a personal computer on the fly. Contrary to other PDF-to-Flash booking service, it offers you full management of the entire PDF file creation process and has no restrictions on the number of PDFs.

This allows you to build as many as you like for your own business or for your customers, including all functions. Read more in Flipbook Creator's reimbursement policies..... Your private sphere is respected and your finances and private information is protected through full decryption and enhanced security against theft.

We are free of any form of any kind of antivirus. Additional FlipBook Creator functions: Convert PDF documents to a page flipping directory using Adobe Flash for Web Publishing; Supports PDF page area selection for web publication; Automatic cropping to PDF; Automatic page resizing to PDF; Preserves links, markers, table of contents, and text alignment from your PDF document; Provides a selection of several hundred options to customize the appearance of your page flipping directory; Provides a large selection of built-in or free web page styles and topics; Specify page qualities and page dimensions, includes five layers;

Support for modifying an exisiting document and storing it as new for later use; HTML; Support for modifying feature button description for users who talk other language; Support for automatic page browsing and timing controls; Support for downloading genuine PDF files; Allows you to save your PDF files for further use; Support for passwords for browsing book storage; Support for storing your project for processing on another computer or at a later date; Support for Google Analytics Web Analytics Transport Tools; Inserts your own tracking-encode from your default vendor (e.

g. Analytics ) for visiting your web site; Support real-time previews; Support web page delivery for the web site; Support for converting to a flipbook that can be viewed on your iPhone, iPad and Android device; Support . executable to run as a stand-alone Windows app; Support . E-mail Zip edition; APP support for Mac run as a stand-alone program; Provides on-line republication of your flipbooks on our hosting services; Collects and displays the on-line flipbook on our bookshelf services; Allows the reader to include comments such as text notes and forms on pages of pages;

Enables you to create tabbed and indexed bookmarking pages; import bookmarking, text files along with PDF, make PageFlip books more customizable; Comprehensive built-in text, sentence or number searching capabilities; insert captions and metadatags descriptors and meta-keywords; issue Flash FlipBooks: you're ready to use: Auto scroll; Use thumbnails to browse; Zoom in or out on both sides; Enable or disable the scroll tone; Double-click to switch to preview display modes; Enter a passcode to reveal encoded pages; Repeat flipbook display; Full size display modes; Allows you to print your trademark logos (watermark):

text, picture, date/time, etc.) to tag your flipbook; turn on and off your backgroundmusic; support the addition of backing tracks and controls over playback interval; sharing flipbook with your buddies on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, etc. Toggles to full-screen view; Allows you to show and hide any type of icon (search, browse, zoom, page index, over, unlock, etc.); add/remove icons in the navigator bar; page printing; allow you to "loop" flip-book animation; find keyword contents; enlarge the flip-book for easy read; unlock flip-book hyperlinks via e-mail;

You can also add backgrounds to the flipbook to make the presentations easier; activate the reader to run the flipbook in auto-read modes; specify different language for the use of icons and allow the user to change language; allow the reader to email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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