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Tie your Flipbook with the included, easy-to-use, reusable binding screws. Flipbooks are fun and exciting! Gives your readers a better experience with Flipbooks. Making a flipbook. Flip-book is a small stack of image-filled sheets that show an animation as you leaf through them.

Turn PDF into a breathtaking flipbook on-line

The Flipbook system is simple to use and has a variety of leaded interactivity. You can take full command of your Flipbooks: Safeguard your FTP s with a user name and passcode, restrict your FTP s to users at your workstation (IP whitelisting) and activate or deactivate share/print/download functionality; for a fully customisable data protection policy.

Our Flipbook range offers progressive styling adjustments that allow you to customise the look and feel of your flipbook. Include flip-book sound, include your own logos, customise the color of the Flipbook Explorer, and more! Learn more about customising your flipbook here. We' ve made our Flipbook Editors as easy and user-friendly as possible, without compromise on functionality and accessibility.

There is no need for coding skills to use our system; and if you ever need help, we have a committed staff of support staff who can help you and a tutorial to help you get to work. Insert pictures directly into your Flipbook to enhance information understanding and visualisation.

In order to enhance your viewing, subscribing and overall visibility on line, your FTP clients have implemented a rock-solid optimization of your search engine. Administer and customise page headlines, key words, descriptions and more to help your FTP s become top performer and take a higher ranking in Google Search. Add a link to inside and outside your Flipbook to help your reader navigate and make the purchase experience easier with just a few simple mouse clicks. Just click on the link below.

Every set contains enough top-of-the-range papers and bindings to produce 4 XL format flip-books or 2 XL format flip-books.

Every set contains enough top-of-the-range papers and bindings to produce 4 XL format flip-books or 2 XL format flip-books. It is the ideal sized and strong material for gentle mirroring. Tie your Flipbook with the supplied, easy-to-use, re-usable tying bolts. As with the hardcopy papers, each set contains enough tying bolts to produce 4 XL-files.

Threefold your amount of papers with the 8 X Card Pack! You' ll want to make LOTS out of them. Create 8 extra XL or 4 extra XL binders with the 8 X Series. I' m sharing flipbook movies and have many more tunes on the way. We ship EU, AU, CA and US approved, which means that value added tax and GST charges are paid in advance for all donors in each of these areas!

No additional custom duty or taxes are payable at the moment of shipment. Since the shipment weights of each Flipbook Kit & 8X Paper Pack are very high, we have taken great pains to compute the exact shipment cost for each state. There is no benefit from these postage and packing charges.

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