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A powerful flipbook creator for converting PDFs and lighting eBooks (*.epub;*.mobi) into amazing Flash page sheet publications. Free-of-charge version of flip series products, helps to convert PDF to Flash (.

swf) format. Freeware Free Flip Book Maker turns your textbook into an online fake book. Turn your PDF into a flipbook | Ideal for sales flyers, catalogs, magazines and other documents. Our e yearbook page flip maker allows you to quickly convert your PDFs into tempting eBooks that open directly.

The Flip eBook is the best flipbook manufacturer

Generate Flash Flipbooks from PDF, Amazon Kindle, EPUB, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, etc..... The Flip eBook is a Flip eBook manufacturer, with which you can convert eBook (*.pdf;*.epub;*.mobi;*.lit;*.rtf;*.fb2;*.rb;*.lrf;*.pdb;*.pmlz;*.snb) automatic into interactiv ebook editing with easy browsing and extended look. Consider the eBook as a ipod, iphone, android and more iphone.

Gain full management of your online publication and saving your budget. Complete look &feel adaptation of your eBooks. The Flip eBook is a high-performance Flip eBook Maker that turns your eBook (PDFs, Amazon Kindle, EPUB, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, etc....) into fully functional, full-featured selling aids that look and work like a genuine printed catalogue or mag...

Flip eBook lets you quickly and easily make great -looking eBooks. The Flip eBook family has been designed for any company that has eBook documents (PDFs, Amazon Kindle, EPUB, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, etc....) on its web pages and wants to make them available in a more appealing way.

The Flip eBook is an ideal tool for on-line bookshops, editors, advertising media providers and anyone who publishes a product-line. - ) Turn the page over - reach to a page edge, turn the page over. Our easy-to-use software allows you to create a simple electronic document with just a few simple steps! The Flip eBook can even be used by a new eBook owner within a few moments without any previous knowledge.

Besides the Flash release, all Flip eBook creations also contain the HTML5 one. They can open your browsing pages in any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile and you can even post to your Facebook page. The Flip eBook tool allows you to analyze and import tables of content from PDFs.

You can then modify the import TOC. You can use the built-in online search engine to advertise your flip page eBook. Publish to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. You can search your issue by keywords and give your reader quick and easy reload.

Include your company logotype and colour schemes with your personal scanner to enhance your brand. When you have a Google Analytics eAccount, you can use the Google Analytics Embedding feature integrated into Flip eBook. Google Analytics can embed the Google Analytics source text into any textbook and all stats are available in your Google Analytics accounts as well.

Use Google Analytics to build, shape, control and improve your online advertising impact. After you have bought the application, you can use it to turn an infinite number of eBook documents into any number of eBooks.

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