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Das Flash: The international short story magazine. Have fun reading and submitting! If you would like to submit stories, please post them in the storybox on the left. We' re open to contributions on our current topic. When submitting multiple selections at once, please include each selection as a separate document.

24 top Flash Fiction journals

Whatever you call it - Flash fiction, abrupt fiction, photomicrofiction, shorts - tales under 1000 words provide a fast hiss of literature enjoyment. Have you ever asked yourself if anyone actually reread your flash fiction play you released on line? Using SimilarWeb to calculate the number of visits per month per literary magazine [UPDATED SMUMMER 2016], I mean the last three month.

Do you know if the fiction the magazine released is good? Also keep in mind that some of these magazines offer other materials - longer fiction works, non-fiction, interview - and that a certain proportion of people might look at that rather than the flash fiction. However, I think this offers you a selection of flash fiction and ultra-fiction scanners depending on the number of viewers.

When you need help with your flash fiction, I provide you with a cut pack for 4 each. Please feel free to get in touch with me. I' ve compiled this rankings because I found a lot of flash fiction magazines looking for Flash Fiction stores (on different sites and at Duotrope).

And I would not succumb to any of them. Or, for that matter, just look at them. What astonished me: Just as I evaluated the Best American Short Stories in my literature magazines on a regularly basis, I could perhaps use another system to evaluate some of the best places for flash fiction.

Many of the literature periodicals below also release both microliterature and flash fiction. It tends to run under 300 words, while flash fiction is under 1000 words. In other words, it is even more striking than Flash Fiction. Have fun to read and submit!

Besides fiction and poems, they provide a blogs, critiques, interviews as well as articles and articles. You are looking for experiential fiction among 2,500 words. Flash- Fiction on-line has a fun, brightly lit logotype and they have released an annually updated collection of doubtful graphics designs but great contents over the last three years.

They are open to reprints, and they are also one of the few to provide per-word payments for tales (. 06 cent per word). A lot of the co-workers like speculation and sci-fi, and the magazine has that kind of emphasis, but their taste goes beyond that one. World Riot publishes a month-long edition of Flash fiction and Flash articles.

They have a great family tree since they started a business in 2002, which makes them virtually antique because literary magazine years are like canine years. You are looking for songs under 1000 words. EVERDAY Fiction is a favourite home for flash fiction, with tales of crowd-pulling attractions that are often released. The most useful thing is a listing of items in your side bar, where you can find the kind of story you like reading most: humour, gruesome, sci-fi, literary. What do you think?

Initially linked to the magazine Creative non-fiction, Brevity has conquered the Flash article marketplace. Not only do they release flash fiction, and there is no limit on the number of words on their website, but their songs are usually short. A hundred words is truly microfiction. Every monthly they release a winning entry, a review of books, an interview and an essay.

I knew Smokelong and NANO Fiction best before I put this listing together. As a matter of fact, Smokelong was in contest as the default name for flash fiction - fiction that you can reread during the length of a cigar. Established in 2003, it has built a good name as a leading publishing house for flash fiction.

You are publishing fiction in less than 1000 words. Flash fiction and Flash articles are published very regularly - almost every single second. She has a good name, and if you only have a few songs to study, you get a good feeling for her bravado and her soul. They' really keeping their promises to release a flash fiction play every single second.

As a trade-off for subscribing to their e-mail lists, they are sending you a free e-book of a whole series of flash fiction. There are no eroticism or children's tales, and if they are posted there, you will have to allow 2 month for your submission. It is a magazine that has been appearing since 2009 and began as a Dzanc book series.

It contains great extracts from upcoming fiction, as well as short stories and flash fiction. There is no fixed threshold for flash fiction, but regular fiction submissions run under 5,000 words. Besides flash fiction they are looking for translation, YA fiction and graphic arts. Do not confuse with Southeast Review, Fiction Southeast has a number of tent authors like Joyce Carol Oates and Donald Ray Pollock.

You are looking for fiction under 1500 words and also sponsoring the Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize. To become a better flash fiction author, take a look at this course with Mark Anderson. With 28 video clips and useful PDF files, he is teaching the best moves and skills to become a winning flash fiction author.

Usually they release under 2000 words in numerous films, but they also release a set of tales every Wednesday. They' also have a good arrears of interesting blogs and blogs, in additon to their fictions, non-fiction books and interview. The Wigleaf sponsor the Top 50 Very Shortfictions, a great place to watch great movies and explore new magazines.

You search for tales under 1000 words and write posts every week. The Vestal Review claims to be the oldest Flash journal in the game. You think a Flash Fiction prize is the best of 500 words that have been released somewhere, and the winning song gets $100 and a re-release. DécomP has won a number of prizes, among others in the Queen's Ferry Press "The Best Small Fictions of 2015".

" There is no frontier between words for flash fiction, but the normal fiction is restricted to 4,000, so it is probably far below that. Every few microweeks Juke releases a few shortfilms, and they search for fiction under 2,500 words. You not only post on line, but also have printed editions.

You have a micro-fiction competition under 500 words in each category and release four to eight songs per week. It is a new type of flash fiction magazine that was launched in 2014. You organise competitions, provide mentorship and regularly issue editions. When you' re looking for a great flash fiction library, take a look at the BEST SMALL FIGTIONS by Tara L. Masih:

Some bonus flash fiction magazines: So if you like "dark" fiction (think of Twilight Zone), look at Lamplight, which has about 4,000 people a month. Does not receive enough publicity to be ranked, but look at FRiGG magazine, which releases two editions a year and accept submissions of less than 1000 words. The Superstition Review is released by Arizona State University and has been since 2008, promoting flash fiction.

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