Flash Fiction Ideas

Ideas for Flash Fiction

To write flash fiction is a very satisfying way to spend an hour or two. This illustrates the essential elements of flash fiction. It hadn' t been three months since I wrote, but when I put the novel back on the shelf, my mind was full of flash fiction ideas. It is not a summary of a longer story or a hasty reflection of a protagonist's life. When writing flash fiction, every single word must count.

One Hundred Day Flash Fiction Prompts

Convert Flash Fiction Promptts into a convenient e-book. There are two downloadable e-book formats, both with plenty of room for your note. When 100 era sound too much, why not try a 30-day flash fiction contest? Please click here to get the PDF. The site contains affiliated hyperlinks that promote the site.

Thirty flash fiction prompts

Check out one of these flash fiction prompts: 1: Create a storyline in which something changes into something else. 2: Type a real tale that is so ___________________(insert here adjective) that no one would believe it to be tru. 3: Find a history you wrote that doesn't quite work. Gimme a new name.

4: Create a history that is or uses mythological content - any kind of legend from any age. This is the name ( "or part of the title") of your next film. 6: Make a tale from the point of views of someone much older than you. 8: Type a mystery, ideally one you don't think anyone will think of.

9: Make a tale in which something important gets wasted. 10: Use a fantasy or parts of a fantasy to build a surroundal, age-real history. 11: Find a history of yours that doesn't quite work. 12: Make a narrative that starts with dialog and mainly comprises it. 13: Make a narrative that covers or contains an element of a taboos.

14: Make a tale that has occurred to you, but make it from another person's point of views. 15: Make a narrative that contains recurring and/or profound darkness. 16: Make a tale that happens to someone else, but make it as if it happen to you. 17: Create a history related to a recent incident.

18: Make a tale about an beast. 19: Make a tale in which you reveal a mystery, yours or someone else's. 20: Make a tale that happens in an empty countryside. 22: Make a history that includes journeys through an age. 23: Make a tale that contains at least three of these elements: aphids, gas, a female escort service, a boyhood character, an obsolete slangy phrase, a track or your favourite taste.

24: Create a storyline that contains parts of a true vacation memorial. 25: Make a tale that happens at breakfasts. 26: Make a tale that contains a humiliating, actual or fictional one. 27: Make a history concerning a fame. 28: Make a history in which the possible is possible.

29: Visit a history you have made.

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