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The Flash Bookmaker can help professional photographers enhance their photo books in various ways. Deploy Flash Photo Flip Book Maker to your work computer, you won't imagine it's as simple as magic. Teach your children vocabulary and mathematics with their own study cards. Outstanding flipbook maker for publishing pdf-to-flipbooks with rich multimedia embedding. A professional Flash book publisher that converts PDF, Office, PPT, images, albums and more into stunning Flash brochures with stunning browsing effects!

We strive to offer our customers cost-effective and efficient solutions and service from the design of our corporate strategies to applications as well.

We strive to offer our customers cost-effective and efficient solutions and service from the design of our company strategies to the implementation of our solutions. We offer a wide variety of tools to create Flash-based e-book productions from almost any kind of file, such as PDF, image, office and more. We are a premier product designer for the presentation of sites for the distribution of e-book interactivity, brochures catalogues, newspapers, e-books, virtual books, company reports, flyers, promotional brochures, newsletters, textbooks, e-presentation, sales catalogues or any other kind of multi-page doc.

Complimentary Flash Flip Book Maker

Supports Batch Convert PDF to Adobe Flash publishing with the true flip effect. Outputs in 4 different formats: 2.2 EXE and Zip allow you to e-mail your users to be displayed on their computers. Select several templates (built-in default themes) for FlipBook playback. Exports links from PDF, web-links, page links, e-mail links to FlipBook print.

Extracts the full text from the PDF and activates the full text searcher. Specify a passcode to keep your book safe. Easily browse your eBook with different kinds of watermarking (text, images, date and hour, etc.). Defining Hardcover for Browse Book. Multilingual edition of books that have been printed internationally.

Specify the automatic pagination speed by hand. Always adjust backgroundtone, always playback or setting timings. Specify the title, key words, and other meta data for the book you publish. Create an open e-book with bookmarks on the right or right side. Specify title, symbol, screen area for EXE page breakbooks. View the flip-book look & feel effect previews now.

Set open windows for left pages. With the Flash FLIPING BOOK that you have designed, your users will be able to do so: Pull the side corners to mirror a page. To mirror a page, click the side shadow arrows. Preload required pages for quick opening, not all pages have to be waiting.

Automatic page switching. Autoplay mousepad repeats. Full-Screen mode to see the e-book. You can use the page thumbnails to browse through the pages. Comprehensive full text searching throughout the entire e-book. Direct printing of the entire Flash Foil book or a series of pages. Upload the e-book directly from the website. Shared e-BookURL via e-mail.

Browse the eBook on iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

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