First Time Screenwriters Success Stories

Screenwriters' first success stories

The direction in college made me write the stories myself. There is no story of failure or success like another. Its first screenplay, its first million: That' s the tale of Miles Millar, a Cambridge alumnus who went to LA, written a screenplay and sells it for $1 million. Philip Reeves is reporting from Hollywood, a city in a state of great shocks.

It takes Miles Millar a while to adapt. His wooly sweaters and accounting seriousness still make him look like the filmfan and young Cambridge alumnus he was until Wednesday before last. That' s when Millar reached something almost unprecedented in the motion picture world. Selling a $1 million screenplay.

It' just incredible," says Millar about his spectacles and chews an $8 hamburger in Jerry's Famous Deli in LA's Studio City. Today, about half a half of them are on sale every year. People who want to make a statement in Hollywood speak in awesome and sometimes malicious terms about Joe Eszterhas, whose Basic Instinct was for $3 million, or Shane Black, the Dollar 1.

He is 26 years old and, even more so, in Hollywood's view, this is his first play. He has accomplished something very extraordinary in a city where for years, no one has been able to get thousand of slaves to tell anyone about the words. I' ve been hearing about first-time authors who finally sell their first screenplay for a fortune after they wrote six or seven more," said David Warden, the Beverly Hills salesman who took care of Batman and Sleepless in Seattle.

In May he started to write the screenplay, brainstorm with a college classmate about the storyline, before retiring for long, nightly typing meetings in his low-cost inner-city dorm. MlLLAR says no. Although rewritten nine times, Millar had little hope of winning a business. Less still forms the foundation for one of the approximately 400 films that Hollywood spits out every year.

Millar had an edge over many of them. The way in which his screenplay has made a million is almost worth a film of its own. Millar's first major achievement was presented by a boyfriend to a management, an enthusiast young man named Warren Zide. They' re handing out the screenplay to nine operatives who all turned it down.

They all thought the assumption was so stupid that nobody was reading the script," Millar said. Anyone who has ever tried to get into the Hollywood gang knows this problem: screenplays are sent back unopen because operatives or studio staff do not want to run the risks of a possible plagiaristic process if they shoot a film on a similar subject.

A young author, after returning his mail tube tubes closed for month, recently became so despondent that he pretended to be a reporter in the hopes of getting interviewed to get important Hollywood gamers to see his work. But I did it because I believed in Warren Zide's tastes.

They called Millar right away. The next day, the Hollywood vine was burning with interest. At 1 p.m., a large-scale Hollywood bidder conflict developed. After some bargaining, both sides had reached an agreement on just over 1 million US Dollar by 8pm. A weary Miles Millar, who could not rest for three whole nights, went out to party for his new rich.

In retrospect, Millar is still a little confused by everything. He was a doctoral candidate two week ago, fighting $1,000 a months and relying on his parent for funding. Now, he will spend the lion's share of the dollar 1 million bench, and perhaps more depend on the success of the film, which New Line are planning to publish early next year.

And I had to get a real tough work in Hollywood. Now I can go to Hollywood and see anybody I want.

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