Finding an Illustrator for your Children's Book

Find an illustrator for your children's book

You then decide on your budget for the project. Or if you don't know where to find an illustrator, try a simple Google search for children's book illustrators in your city. I' ve been writing a children's book. Is there an illustrator to find?

You also have contact with professionals they have worked with in the past and work with illustrator agencys. If you know a qualified illustrator or are a qualified illustrator yourself, leave the decision on your own to the publishing house. But if your script does not go off the page without marvellous pictures, then it is likely that the publishing houses will share your work.

The Society of Children's Book Illustrators and Writers has an illustrator galery that you can explore if you still want to find your own illustrator.

Find an illustrator for your children's book

People often ask us: "Can you suggest a good illustrator for my children's book?" This is a popular issue because it solves a very frequent book designer issue. This page features reputable illustrations who provide top-notch work, which is a must if you want your book to be able to rival those of the big publishing houses.

A good illustrator doesn't work for less, and it should be, because he has a scarce gift that is not available to the world. In the course of the years we have worked on many of our publications, in which the illustration was provided by the writer. Often these artwork does not meet our standard of professionalism because it was made by a member of the extended team or an unskilled vendor found by the writer on a free-lance graphics-site.

You should first sketch your book and then commission the appropriate illustrator to produce sketches for the plan. The opposite is often the case, which binds the designers' hand and can lead to an inferior book. You book designers can help you check Illustrator portals to make sure they actually know how to paint (believe it or not, some don't) and administer the entire illustration creation chain so that the provided illustration is in the right proportion for the page and the right size and colour regime for print.

But there are a few questions that go beyond your appreciation of the illustrator's work. The book designers will be pleased to help you. What can we do to help you with your publisher's trip? Write your comments here or send us an e-mail via the page Contacts.

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