Finding a Book Agent

Find a bookseller

When you do this type of search in books in a couple of bookstores, chances are you end up with a list of agents or agencies. Next, it's time to review and expand your list. I' had an edited manuscript. I' had a tiered list of agents. Do you need a wife?

Attempting to find a frahling is the most horrible thing that has ever happened.

Anybody who has gone out on a regular basis has tried to win points against LeBron James, or was a grafted transplant, knows what it's like to be confronted with refusal. However, nobody can understand the grief of refusal better than a writer looking for an agent for the first case. Everything begins with an inquiry asking about something you probably won't get, like a small child who wants a biscuit before supper.

As a TV author and more often web author, my own request led me to do so, while I tried to distil the novel I had worked on for years into a one-page article that almost made perfect sense. What did I do? I' ve recorded the first 10 pages of the novel and beaten 22 operatives in 30 working nights, like a budgetary trip through Europe with nothing to see.

A lot of operatives just don't answer if they're not interested; it's the same response you'd get when you yell "hey babe, hey babe, hey baby" to a lady on the streets, although hopefully you've written a bigger search-brief. However, even the deafening silences, which seemed to scream my incompetency not only as an editor but also as an editor of questioning mail, would soon be preferred to the stabbing of the reject.

If you scare them like that, how can you get an agent? My time was terrible: many refusals ended with sentences like "not right for us in this time", without any reference to a better period in the past - or even in the past, should I have invented a timemachine.

"I know you write on TV, so these customs may play a role here. Now I had a note in my hand saying: "Your pages made me smile, I will be reading the script, can I have an exclusivity?" Toss the egg-macking accident that we once knew each other as awkward teenagers in Queens, and it was enough to make me ignore all the official denials that hate me, my typing and my face.

Shortly afterwards, I was a writer with an agent for the first in my life. Then it was the right moment to awaken - and for Mitchell and I to deal with the publishers' refusal to produce series together.

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