Find Book Reviews

Finding book reviews

Reviews of books are a good starting point. You can find book reviews in scientific journals and popular media. A general database with the full text of numerous book reviews. To search for book reviews, use the author's name and title words or phrases.

Encyclopaedias for the search for book reviews in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (Library of Congress)

The visual and dramatic Arts. require further support, please contact a library keeper. Seperate stock index. The magazine offers concise analyses of volumes, journals and data bases for choice in the library. Sorted by topic. Separated lists of authors and titles. Yearly cumulative index published in the July/August edition.

A cumulative index of a selected list of journals (1896-1903).

Authors, titles and topics. An Guide to Reviews of Books from and about Hispanic America, Index to Southeast Asian Journals, 1960-1974 ; 1975-1979.

The Index to Book Reviews in Historical Periodicals, 1972-1977, for a book and are separated by a slash. By and large, this index, with quarter and yearly accumulations, define art: reporting comprises archeology, the reviews section, since 1973, is sorted by name.

Guidebook to the Critical Reviews of United States Fiction, 1870-1910. All reviews published in 700 journals have been indexed since 1971.

Every month with quarter and yearly accumulations. Since 1976, a special book reviews section has been available, sorted by authors. List of book reviews for social science journals, 1964-1974. It is available on CD-ROM in MRR Alc,

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