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Finding a Screenwriter

Hostscripts, reviews & ratings, monitoring activities, finding information. See how we can bring your script to life. These are the five steps that most professional scriptwriters take to create a script:. is to find a way to get them to ask you to read your stuff.

What are the costs of commissioning a scriptwriter? When you are not on the WGA side of things, you essentially have a minimum timetable that is a tariff ticket with rates for every job you can think of when recruiting a scriptwriter, e.g.: write a scripted film, rewrite a TV scripts, polish a scripted screen, write a film handling, etc.

My tariffs are all lower than this WGA tariff and yet you're still working with a professionally producing script author / TV burner! For example, the WGA base level for script write in features length is $47,862 US dollars. Yes, that's how much it cost to get me involved - a Hollywood hired script author (without the Hollywood prices).

In the case of written or transcribed work, I will respond with a "works made for hire" contract containing the general conditions for your verification and acceptance, as well as confirmation of the cost of the paid subscription fee. Look at the remainder of my Screenwriting Rates Cardfor my screenwriting rates page for detail on how to write my screenwriting rates, write my own treatment, rewrite my script, do scripting advice, create a TV serial script, and much more.

Next, you will probably look at the different styles the screenwriter has been writing to see if they would suit you well: Actions, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Western, Crime, Sports, Superhero / Comic Book, Kids / Family, Faith / Spiritual, Romantic Comedy, Period / Historical, War / Military, Biopic / Biographical, True Story, Book Adaptation.

I' ve scripted in practically every category! So if you are looking for an award-winning writer for an action scenario, a drama writer for a TV movie or movie, or a comedy writer, then you've come to the right place!

Maybe you're looking for a scriptwriter who wrote a story for your fantasy story, or you need a professional thriller scriptwriter to turn your ideas into a vibrant scripted piece, or maybe you're hoping to find a co-writer for a sci-fi scripted piece? What if you need an action scriptwriter with expertise in scriptwriting in the West, or creating scenarios about troops in a realistic war/military environment, or creating a superhero plot from a cartoon or graphics novel?

Alternatively, you may want to engage a script writer for a crime story, or a top sport script writer who has created fictitious and real sport films, in this case - once again you have found the script writer for your film! Perhaps you would like to find a scriptwriter who has a children' / families' script for you?

Do you need a believing screenwriter who has transcribed and transcribed religious / religious movies? Maybe you're really interested in signing up a romantic comedy screenwriter to refine a RomCom feature story or TV show script? Except if you are looking for a screenwriter with historic and bio-pic tical experiences or an adjusted screenwriter for a true story or book adaptation?

Then please enter me in my own studio - I am a scriptwriter with an experienced writing career. Send me an e-mail to start your script! I am involved at all stages of the design, pre-production and manufacturing processes as a scriptwriter for Hire. I am usually recruited on the spot to design, schedule and compose a new script from a base notion, conceptual design, storyline, synthesis or sketch.

Occasionally this can lead to working with an already drafted scenario that needs to be rewritten or polished. In any case, I am creative and skilled in my trade in order to provide an impressing, industrial, professionally written scenario that shoots at all barrels. Usually, when I am asked to compose the first sketch of a skript, I will make corrections, revisions, and polishes before I submit the skript, so that you get a skript that is nearer the plane of a second or third sketch.

So if I am implicated, you can count on a writing that is well above average for the next stage of exchange with editors, developers, directors, performers, agencies and developers. Let's get the go-ahead for your movie or television projects! So what happens if you go to a pitch meet with one of the world's greatest names in funny stuff - Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Old School, Zoolander, Elf, Daddy's Home) - and he likes the idea for your movie and then says he can't await to see the screenplay, but you haven't made it?

Luckily, I was there to do a "rush job" and turn the pitch into a sophisticated plotter to provide a sophisticated, industry-wide scenario that was purposefully and profesionally (and humorously!) composed so it was fit for the next big meet. It is now optional and has been handed over to filmmakers..... However, in additon to comedy, my carreer has also included a number of genre writings - thrillers, actions, history, drama, families, beliefs, sci-fi, horror, biological and book-to-film adaptations.

I was, for example, recruited by a film maker who had made arrangements with Universal and the Marley dynasty to use Bob Marley's famed tunes and texts in a scenario basing on a real history work. Embedding the song texts into the narration to mirror the atmosphere and happenings on the canvas, I have created and written a scenario that captures this singular notion.

He was so excited about the screenplay that he sent it to his friends and won some serious talents, among them Andy Davis, The Fugitive filmmaker, and Woody Harrelson (No Country For Old Men, The Hunger Games) in a starring part! Recently, I was recruited to create a new big-budget screenbuster movies franchise for Capcom, the world's premier games designer and publisher behind millions of sold games, among them Resident Evil, which has become the top-selling movies franchise of all time.

  • Working with the producers, I'm creating this movie with the intention of launching an Avenger-style movie deductible with many classical 80's and 90's character from the videogame lineup and newer 2016s. If you are used to the past adaptions of the videogame such as the 1994 Jean Claude Van-Damme and Kylie Minogue movie, this new movie is a complete restart and the beginning of a new business for you.

I have also jotted down a nightmare that was appended to the producers of Daybreakers; a familiar animated play that was co-written after a successfullitch at DreamWorks; a funny romance movie with tracks set by a Grammy-nominated producers; a religious drama/thriller that my co-writer pinned down as the maker of this coming movie, being created by a Hollywood movie maker... and the line goes on!

Do not hesitate to explore the pages on my website to learn more about my productions and optional movie productions as scriptwriter, co-writer, journalist, reviewer / scriptwriter.... The opportunity was taken and I was recruited to compose a TV pilotscript for a new storyline adventure story with Stone Cold" Steve Austin (The Expendables) in the lead role.

Using the single-set log line of a Hollywood manufacturer, I designed and scripted a sophisticated design - sent to the TV executives of Viacom, the 6th biggest radio and television corporation in the word, and they gave us the green light - and then I scripted the one-hour-screenplay. This TV script's first sketch was powerful enough for the producers to share at their big gathering with the network's policy maker!

Shortly after this encounter, I was asked to author three more TV drivers for Viacom, and I worked on the development and writing of a new TV show with a top-notch show runner - the maker of the blockbuster Dexter and a co-producer of The Sopranos - who was hired as chief editor and added as "Story by" (next to my name) on the definitive design of the pilotscript.

Plan or pitch a scripts? I am routinely recruited to create and compose a Pitchable versions of an ideas, concepts, or stories, and to concretize the stories into a beat-by-beat sketch, a saleable treat, and a storyline synthesis. I' ve, for example, designed and co-authored several fiction edits and sketches with an industrial professional who has worked on big-budget super blockbusters by Peter Jackson, George Lucas, The Wachowskis and Neill Blomkamp!


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