Find a Screenwriter

Finding a Screenwriter

I want you to find a champion for your script. Register as a writer. Join teachers and professors to find the best student screenwriters and offer them an internship or part-time job to write your story into a script. Starts with a great script.

Find an author

This is my premonition of a contemporary adaptation of the famous film CHITTY CHITTY CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG. Where can I find one? Regardless, I'm sure Wayne Brady and his agents are lucky that you're out there working to find his part. If I ignore at the present time that someone actually holds the basic copyrights (probably MGM, but perhaps the legacy of Ian Fleming), I see two major ways in which a screenwriter could be tracked to realize his visions.

First of all, you might find a scriptwriter who's already a little bit of a success. I' m not speaking of Robert Towne or Callie Khouri, but of a novelist who appreciated Eddie Griffin's latest film or a Mandy Moore car. Because you don't contribute much to the overall success of the program except your own excitement, you may find it difficult to convince the author's agents to take you seriously.

However, I would wager from a roster of 10 contestants that you would find at least two authors willing to listen to you describe your visions for the film. Together they either compose the screenplay as a specification or contact the copyright owner and persuade him to order a screenplay.

Another possibility would be to find a screenwriter without producing credit and persuade them to compose the screenplay for you. One way or another, you work together to make the best possible scripts you can, with some kind of writing agreement between you that states that you are hooked as a maker.

Once it is done, contact the copyright owner and persuade them that your scripts will form the ultimate multi-ethnic CHITTY CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG for the new millenium. What do you think of this rookie in the first place? Maybe you'll be lucky with our screenplay boards and workshop. A good alternative would be to find authors who have won (or made the last few laps of) one of the many screenplay contests, such as those funded by the Final Draft or the Austin Film Festival.

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