Find a Children's Book

Finding a children's book

With the right Internet tools and search terms you will find a book that has long been lost. Use these tips to find a book, even if you can't remember its title or author. Are you looking for a children's book? It'?s How.

Thirty-four, that'?s what Stanley is looking for. In 1964 he published his own book with pictures by Tomi Ungerer. He' ll never find a beautiful specimen! It' a very infrequent book. We get e-mails every single working days from those looking for children's literature. I' m sorry, but we no longer research book enquiries sent by e-mail.

If you are looking for an alternative way to find your book, please check this page out. Or you can submit your request in the comment section below. As I am a personal moderator of Disqu's comments every day, I will see and reply to every question you ask when I am comfortable with the book.

There are, however, some contributors on this page who know more about contemporary literature than I do. Search and evaluation of an older bookDescription of a book for your searchRequestFollowing a section with commentary with which you can make a search with. Search for a book online: Looking for our old children's books:

First of all, it is a good idea to try our own Advanced Query. Approximately 3/4 of our children's literature can be found on this page. They can be browsed using the Descriptions and Keywords box or the easy website searching. We' re specialized children's bookshops. You can find better resources on the web to find most children's literature, especially those for reading, serials, modern literature or highvolume.

Ultimate Best: Loganberry BooksLoganberry Books home page. Have a look at other people's questions and solved secrets; make your own book request. Have a look at this Loganberry page for children's books or anthologies: This is Loganberry Books Anthology Page, Abebooks Advanced Addit. Restrict your searching as soon as you have reached the results page.

It is the best book searching machine on the web, from a large Canada based firm founded by bookstores. Billions of textbooks of all types from merchants around the globe, some of them not in any library. If you want a Little Golden, Elf, or similar book, try the forum: Sell a book or two.

The simplest place for a person to buy a book like the above is probably at Amazon. Have a look in your book, click on the image, then search in the dark green checkbox for "Have one to sell? or? If and only if Amazon has previously cataloged the book, you can also do so.

The Ebay is also very simple and affordable to use for a few textbooks and it allows you more space to describe the text. It' s simpler and more precise to use Abebooks for the prices of your book. com Advanced Search to find a quote. Amazon's search is really not designed for out of stock book searches.

Find and rate an older book. We' re glad to help you find a half-remembered book from the 1930' s or earlier. While we do not perform a book search and we will not order for you, we will try to point you in the right directions. If you would like a more up-to-date book, please see the above proposals or write a comments/question on this page.

Like other serious bookshops, we never rate a book on the net. For an older book that seems to have a value, check out our Buy and Sell Children's Book page. In case you find the procedure too complex, we would be happy to advise a very seasoned children's bookshop who will carry out official book research and keep a wish book for you.

Describe a book. A book of older people? - All you remember about the book: Select your keywords carefully: Uncommon words really help: walaby works better than bears as such. TO POST YOUR BOOK REQUESTS BELOW. The site is owned by Old Children's Book.

There are only a few book sniffer dogs listed in this forums. We kindly ask for your understanding that we will remove your contribution from our website. Only book ID related contributions or linkposting. Thanks a lot to all the beautiful people who help to identify these volumes! And we also appreciate those who take the opportunity to thank the authors for their work.

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