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Up until recently, I thought that book clubs were something of a myth - something depicted in movies and (yes) books, but nothing that happened in real life. It is a book club for people from the Afro-Caribbean diaspora who share their passion for reading. Learn more about setting up or finding a book group, making book suggestions, or booking library space for your meeting. Please ask in the shop for further details and the next book club choice. The participants receive the stamp "Passport to Learning".

To find a book club near you

Up until recently, I thought that bookclubs are like a legend - something that is portrayed in films and (yes) textbooks, but nothing that has happened in reality. I had never really known anyone in a book club, although a part of me had yearned to be in one. To find a book club was not something I did deliberately - maybe because I never really knew how.

You can find a book club near you. I' ve been hearing about those who use Meetup to find play groups, mom groups, and even jog groups - but never bookclubs... there are bookclubs on Meetup. My nearby book club libraries are organized by genres.

An offer is even addressed to those who are also authors - and makes it more of a book club - slur - work-shops. Well, if so, why don't you ask her to join you at your book club? So the group I'm in began - a girlfriend wanted to be in a book club so much that she sent a note to her community buddies on Facebook.

You can not only follow the book you have been reading or would like to be reading, but you can also participate in groups - even in book associations. Hopefully I'll have a few titles to choose from every single months to suit our taste.

The Wimbledon Book Club (London, United Kingdom)

Wimbledon Book Club is a book club that will meet in Wimbledon, SW19 Merton South West London, on the first Monday and last Saturday of the months. All of us know that most book clubs have a tendency to do the same things, don't we? As an adventuresome crowd we often like to see something else.

These can be romantic fiction, literary classic, pulp fiction, crime fiction, current affairs, science fiction or anything else that will help us to be'well read'. We' re not reading chicklite. We are INDEPENDENT, unlike some book clubs, we have not selected our titles from a bookstore, advertising agency, TV chat show, publishing house or any other business interest.

The selection of our books is always about good reading and a good night debate, not about selling. In 2008 haben wir eine Vielzahl von Romanen gelesen, darunter Star of the Sea, Brighton Rock, The Corrections, The Great Gatsby, Brave New World/Island, One-Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Flicker, The Left Hand Of Darkness, From Hell, Snow, The Master & Margarita, Flat Earth News,

The Great Sleep/Farewell, My Love, A very Britisch Coup, The Remnants of the Day, The Leopard, The Book of the New Sun, The Poison Wood Bible, Tender Morsles, The Right One, The Butcher Boy, Shogun, The Cursed Utd, Norwegian Forest, The City and The City, The Siege of Krishnapur,

Der Tod des Herzens, Never Let Me Go, The Outsider, White Tiger, The Sparrow, Frankenstein, Wolf Totem, Rebecca, Fight Club, The Handmaid's Tale, The Meaning of Friendship, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, In Great Waters, The Last Letter from Your Lover, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, We've been grouped. information's ( book group of the month ( at two different events.

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