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Maybe someone can help me find this book? When I found it on Amazon, I thought it seemed like an interesting plot and definitely wanted to find out which book it was. All you can do is search for books by different authors who have a similar genre, plot or writing style to the book you are looking for. Shopping online for advanced search from a wide selection in the Books Store. You are looking for books by Malcolm X, but no autobiography?

Find a book if you don't know the book's name or the writer.

From time to time we receive e-mails or commentaries on the blogs from someone trying to recall a book name that is fragmented with information about the storyline, the character or the album. It is often a book from their early years and they can only recall a few little things. Writer and titles are more precise, but key word is a little more a snap all.

It' great if you can recall a little of the name or some other important detail, but if you can only recall that "there's this sweet pup who loses his fists and the whole thing is Christmas," a little more help is in order. BookSleuth d'AbeBooks, Askville und Barnes & Noble Book Clubs d'Amazon :

This is a basic forum where other players are playing the name of this book. The AbeBooks also has a similar property named GiftSleuth where you can enlist likings and repugnances of your boyfriends and your relatives and reader can pop out all the book proposals they think might be appropriate for upcoming anniversaries and what not. Web based searching engine: If you know a detail that is one-of-a-kind about the book: a quotation, a protagonist name, or a code detail, you can put this information into your favorite searching machine and possibly be honored.

They can also perform a similar kind of Amazon searching themselves. For years, bookstores have been hanging around for a thousand titles a day and are tending to get a few delicatessen. Dependent on how much you actually recall the book (and the bookseller's specialty), these literati can often perform miracles; bookstores, also VERY useful.

Missed books, forgot words (Virtual programs & services, Library of congresses)

You can often find a long-lost novel by going to an online browser and looking for keys to the book's plot, characters' name and other recalled text details". If you are looking for an old phantasy novel with a personality by the name of Barks, for example, you can browse Google with the thong bar "Fantasy Novel" and get many references to the right name.

It is a good practice to browse more than one engine and check at least the first pages of the results when searching for a book because they offer different Internet penetration and deliver results on the basis of different relevance ratings. Some of the SEOs you may want to use are:

You can find a list of other searchengines here. In the meantime, several enterprises are offering large, free book retrieval data bases. If you are looking in these data bases, you will be able to scan the full text of hundreds, if not hundreds, of digitised volumes. When the book is no longer protected by copyrights, you can usually check the full text of the book to see if it is the right one.

When the book is still under copyrights, you can usually scan multiple pages before and after your results. Furthermore, the three large book data bases listed below often allow the user to restrict their research to the full text of single titles. Choose the Book dropdown to restrict your book selection or use the Advance Discovery page for a more precise one.

A lot of book records contain a "Look Inside" feature that allows you to perform a full-text book full-text wordcheck. We recommend the Advanced Book Query as it allows you to refine your book-searching. More book directories can be found on The Online Baccalaureate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Bibliothekskataloge enable the user to restrict the book collection to a number of different categories, among them the date of publishing, the target group (e.g. young people or adults) and the thematic. Furthermore, many catalogues now offer short notes or excerpts of works of fiction: when searching a catalogue by keywords, you will receive book data sets containing the keywords in the annotation/summary area.

The combination of a headword lookup with the use of delimiters is an ideal way to generate a searchable book hit listing that you can scan in a session. Searching catalogues by specialist area is another way to compile a clear listing of the most recent book collections, although many older books may not appear (many catalogues did not provide keywords for older literature until the last decades).

Some of the most important catalogues you want to look for or through are: the following: Bibliothekskatalog: Enables accessing 2. 9 million works from the OCLC WorldCat archive. The user can scan the data base by category, fictitious characters, fictitious location or set and topic and the data base can be searched for book sums. This catalogue, which contains approximately 14 million data sets, allows the user to restrict the searching by date of release, place of release, languages and formats (e.g. books) and then perform a key word lookup to find suitable data sets.

There are many book abstracts in the on-line catalogue of the National Library for the Blind and Handicapped which are not available in other catalogues. You can use the Advanced Find feature to perform a book quest using a variety of criterions such as publishing date, target group, contents, topic, and cue. Leverage the masses' shared knowledge by sending your request to the forums, list servers and e-mail service below.

Pointing to these sources will help you access the knowledge and stories of tens, hundreds or sometimes even tens of thousand of readers who are willing to connect you to a book you've had. If you write your query, include as much information as possible about the contents of the book or novel, the actual size and background in which you saw or used it.

If possible, target the book (adults, young grown-ups or children); its category (science fi es, fantasies, horror, romanticism, etc.); any recalled plot of the book, especially any "odd" or particularly catchy scene or event that might help to distinguish the book from others with a similar plot; any singular name, words and sentences that you remember from the book; and the title picture of the book and all images, if any.

Book length and form; hardback or papermaking; number of pages; colour of cover; existence of dust jacket; recording of images (coloured or monochrome). What year did you spend reading the book (take care not only to state that you were reading the book "as a child" or "at school", which does not indicate the real year in which you were reading it)?

Has the book been recently released when you were reading it? Have you been reading the book as part of a task at work, college or in your free timeframe? These forums are attended by people who are willing to help the user in identifying a novel. The Barnes & Noble bookseller's forum was set up to help the reader find the book whose author and title they have been forgetting.

Send any detail you can about a book to this forums and let a worldwide fellowship of people help you find it. Part of the book cataloguing and online book sharing website LibraryThing, this forums has more than 1,150 members who are willing to help anyone who tries to find a book.

You can send your request to Stump the Bookseller for a $4 charge and have members of the fellowship collect their reminders for the right book. If you are posting about a book, add the Reddit page title[TOMT] and the category[BOOK] to the posting. I' m looking for a sci-fi book about World War III in Australia......

What is the book????? With more than 5,000 members, this GoGoodreads committee helps find those who are remembered. Who was that book? This is a large live journal library in search of confusing novels, poetry, short story and theatre work. Are you looking for a little golden book?

Are you sure a book you're looking for is a little golden book? If you are looking for children's literature released before 1950, there is also information to direct your request to the Old Children's Book team. The SurLaLune fairytale story is one of the best sources to be consulted if you are trying to find a fairytale (or folktale).

The forum is a forum for scientists, educators, fairytale authors and other people interested in fairytales. This is a page for sci-fi and phantasy fans. This site contains answers to all of the genre's themes, as well as book and storyline index.

Contains single shelves for sci-fi, phantasy and phantasy and general phantasy. Listserves, like Messageboards, are a way to access the shared memory and resource of audiences around the globe. By and large, the list servers listed below are visited by a greater number of library staff, educators, writers and scientists than the above messages board.

Submitting to these list servers allows you to ask your questions to an audience with different ways of browsing, searching strategy and resource available for searching for a novel. It' often advisable to send your questions to both messaging and list servers to make sure they are well-received.

It contains responses to a large number of literature and non-fiction that, to the joy of many visitors and library owners, have found the book they were reading 20 years ago (or just a few month ago). The Wombat project is widely shared by library staff, scientists, college graduates, experts and individuals from all areas of their lives, so by sending your questions to the Listservice, you can access the shared memory and resource of literally a thousand and one.

So the Wombat project is a great place to ask for a book you only recall the plot for. Compiled by more than 800 persons interested in books. This is a list service for the literature examination of sci-fi and phantasy. Libraryists from the Digital Reference Section of the Library of Congress will be glad to look for available materials to help you find this elusive work.

Information bibliothecaries in most popular galleries can help you find a novel. Send an e-mail to The Other Chance of Hobbit to help you find sci-fi and phantasy books and tales. When the book or history is one you are reading at your primary and secondary education, former mates who are linked to you through on-line community networks, including affiliate or reunions sites, are in a unique position to remember a work you had to study as part of your academic year.

Similar to catalogues, these libraries often provide more powerful novel lookup features and results that make it easier to find a novel and see if it is the one you are looking for. Librarians will be able to provide instructions for database searches.

Searching for a character's name or plot detail in a full text data base can retrieve a book report in a paper or journal or an item about a book with which you can easily find the novel you were looking for. The following are just a few samples you would like to find

When you know the name of a person who will appear in the novel you have been reading, you can look in Bowker's Guide to Characters in Fiction. When the sign is indicated, a hint is given to the book in which the sign will appear. Further fictitious book indexes can be found in the library of the congress topic heading Features and Features in Literary Dyebooks.

Most of the subscriptions in the previous section, such as books in the printed and fiction catalog, are also available in printed form.

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