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It is a list of the most fantastic, spectacular and entertaining fantasy worlds there are. World of Warcraft. Literary fantasy worlds of the finest. Thomas Pavel presents in this beautiful book a poetics of the imaginary worlds of fiction, their characteristics and their being. " Create Your Own World" is a motto of visionary artists.

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It is an incomplete listing of fictitious fantasies, depending on the media in which they appear: Abeir Toril - this is the site of campaigns and fiction from the Dungeons and Dragons, Fortune Realms, Maztica and Al Qadim. Theme of a B-52's theme album.

Daisy Meadows' "Rainbow Magic Series" Ga'hoole - from the Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathryn Lasky. GALILIFREY - "Doctor Who" Greater Greensward - "E.D Baker's The Princess Frog Series" Etheria - The Mythic Wonderland of She-Ra: Princess of Power Comedy. Masters of the Universe - The Mythic Word.

Well-known from the Shrek franchises, Far Far Far Away, Duloc and San RiCardo are just a few of the many countries in the world that have become famous for their fantasies. The country in which the animated serial Adventure Time 1,000,000 years after the Mushroom War system events took place - various worlds, some of them described, included:

With Dawn of Twilight" - Pathfinder and Savage Worlds compatibility, Rhune defined the storm punk game. The Ynev - the game of the M. A. G. U. S. game. Corneria, the Lylat system's primary planetary system in Nintendo's Star Fox range of Videogames. The Enroth - Heroes of Might and Magic III - the place where most of the Heroes of Might and Magic I, II and III happen.

World - The Jak & Daxter world, comprising the fantasy-centered Old World, the multi-cultural yet dystopic Haven City and the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Listing of fictitious universes in bibliography

Alliance Union UniverseHeavy Time1991C. J. CherryhThe backdrop for an epoch-making past that stretches from the twenty-first to the distant past. The book contains 27 sci-fi stories as well as a number of seven episodes of anthology and some other works. In Amber 1970, Roger ZelaznyMultiverse, in which The Chronicles of Amber take place; two worlds of opposite confusion and order, all the others only "shadows" AvonleaAnne of Green Gables1908Lucy Maud MontgomeryFictional place on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and shot for a set of fictional characters with the figure Anne Shirley.

BarsetshireThe Warden1855Anthony TrollopeFigured in der Romanreihe "Chronicles of Barsetshire". The other cities cited in the Romance languages are Silverbridge, Hogglestock and Greshamsbury. Bas-LagPerdido Street Station2000China MiévilleSteampunk shot for a novel triology. The BattleTech universeBattledroids1984Jordan Weisman, L. Ross Babcock III, Patrick LarkinFuturistic warm game settings for the Battledroids/BattleTech board game, which has also been released in more than 100 printed books by various writers (including Michael A. Stackpole, William H. Keith Jr., Robert N. Charrette, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Loren L. Coleman and many others) and in printed manuscripts and more.

Sheep' s Elantris2005Brandon SandersonThe Shelter is the fictional cosmos in which the various imaginary worlds are located in all of Sanderson's works, with the exception of those on Earth. In 1987, The CultureConsider Phlebas M. BanksInterstellar anarchistic, socialistic and metaphorical company designed for a range of sci-fi stories and works of feature films that are jointly known as the Cultural Sequence.

DarkoverThe Planet Savers1958Marion Room BradleyFictive planets in space around a big scarlet star and the scene of the Darkover novelry. DiscworldThe Colour of Magic1983Terry PratchettA shallow universe on the back of four Elephant, which in turn are on the back of a huge tortoise, is the Discworld stage for almost 40 comic phantasy-fiction.

The Dune UniverseDune1965Frank HerbertInterstellar Imperium ruled by a system of feudality ruled by large houses and dependent on the spice formed only on the planets Arrakis or Dune. EarthseaThe Word of Unbinding1964Ursula K. Le GuinFantasy Kingdom consists of an island archive in a huge oceans, which provides the framework for six volumes and seven shorts.

ArbolOut of the silent planet 1938C. His Holiness LewisA fictionalized variation of our solar system as represented in the fictionaltrilogy. The Friardale UniverseThe Magnet Edition 11908Frank RichardsA range of home nurseries for youngsters. 1884Edwin Abbott AbbottAuthoritarian 2-dimensional realm populated by feeling geometrical forms that do not know the "higher dimensions" from above and below.

Aliens' UniverseForeigners 1994C. 1940Isaac AsimovFuture story of the settlement of the Gazebo, which spans almost 25,000 years and is the result of the progressive merger of the Robot, Foundation and Empire ranges. A colloquial name for the multi-versal settings of the SCP Foundation web collaboration program, where the title organisation is in charge of curbing and exploring psychic entity and object.

TERRY BROOKSThe Four LandsThe Sword of Shannara1977A land of imagination where the Shannara show is located. Probably a postapocalyptic Earth in the near term. The future historyLife-Line1939Robert HeinleinThe story of the human race from the mid-20th to the twenty-third centuries, largely from the perspective of the eternal Howard family, especially Lazarus Long. GalaxyThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy1977Douglas AdamsFictionalized versions of the Milky Way, which hosts a sophisticated network of inter-stellar civilizations.

Genes War' s UniverseHammerfall2001C. J. CherryhCurrently is made up of two sci-fi stories (Hammerfall and Forge of Heaven). GorTarnman by Gor1966John Norman "Counter-Earth", saber and planetary settings for 30 books. In 1946Mervyn PeakeGrim Burg and surrounding area, which forms the framework for the Gorghast cycle of Gotic fantay stories. Isles of Gulliver's TravelsGulliver's Travels1726Jonathan SwiftSeries of Isles that Lemuel Gulliver traveled to in the comic novel Gulliver's journeys, among them Lilliput and Blefuscu, Brobdingnag, Laputa and the Houyhn's World.

J. MacHaleSetting for The Pendragon Adventure; the total of all alternative reality. The Harry Potter UniverseHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 1997J. K. RowlingJ.K. Rowling's fictional Harry Potter novel collection consists of two different and different societies: a Muggle Paradise (our own world) and a "magic world" (various magic hiding places in the world).

SheffieldThe date of recruitment is several thousand years into the past, at a timeframe when man's colonisation of outerspace has filled much of the galaxies area. Performed his Dark Materials WeltenNorthern Lights (aka The Golden Compass)1995Phillip PullmanMultiverse attitude for the His Dark Materials series. The Northern Lights focuses on a universe where everyone has a pet (a demon) that reflects their personalities, whereas Book 2 and 3 are located in other worlds, even our own.

HonorverseOn Basilisk Station1992David WeberFuture inter-stellar environment in which people have been modified to deal with different foreign surroundings. 1929Robert E. HowardSuppose des temps mythiques où se déroulent les romans concernant Kull of Atlantis, Conan the Barbarian et Red Sonja. Isaac' s UniverseThe Diplomacy Guild1990Isaac AsimovInvented by AsimovInvented by Asimov for other science-fiction writers to use.

For The Riftwar Saga, KelewanMagician1982Raymond E. FeistHigh Photograph. Famous room "The Coldest Place "1964Larry NivenInterstellar area populated by a prospective man. Lake WobegonLake Wobegon Days1985Garrison KeillorFictional Minnesota City characterizes as the city where "all men look good, all men are good-looking and all kids are above averages.

1986Terry BrooksRural imaginative scenery for six books. Sharon Lee and Steve MillerSetting for an on-going sci-fi story-set. L'Engle multiverseA Wrinkle in Time1962Madeleine L'EngleScience fictional multi-verse with a range of recurrent signs and ecclesiastical topics. P. LovecraftFictional Massachusetts area, where several of Lovecraft's tales take place, as part of his further Cthulhu myth.

Book of the FallenGardens of the Moon1999Steven EriksonFictional worlds of many books and short films by Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont. R. R. TolkienThe discontinuation of the most of Tolkien's fanciful typefaces, which includes The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. Mittelerde depicts the ancient part of our planetary globe (called Arda in the stories) in a fictitious (pre)historical age.

S. Lewissetting for the 7-volume phantasy serial The Chronicles of Narnia. Included are the worlds of Narnia, the Earth of the 1940' and 1950' and other possible worlds (like Charn) proposed by the magician's nephew. Nation of Nineteen Eighty-FourNineteen-Eighty Four1949George OrwellA is a war-torn nation governed by superstates. Nehwon "Die Juwelen im Wald "1939Fritz LeiberCommon backdrop for the fantastic serial of shorts with the figures Fafhrd and the Grey Moult.

UniverseNoon: 22nd Century1967Arkady and Boris Strugatsky("??? ???????" or "??? ??????" - "World of Noon") is a fictional attitude for the futures of a series of tough sci-fi stories. Originally by Baum, Frank BaumFantasy country and later worked out by several other writers in 40 cannonical novels. 3. PanemThe Hunger Games2008Suzanne CollinsTotalitarian Futures North America, which forms the framework for the Hunger Games series.

The Dragonriders of Pirates of Pern novel cycle, in which GM kites battle an extraterrestrial threat Thread. Revolution Space UniverseRevelation Space2000Alastair ReynoldsUsed as the stage for a set of fictional fiction books and histories that trace the fictional story of people from around 2200 to 40,000 AD.

Isle of SodorThe Three Railway Engines1945Rev. W. AwdryFictional Isle in the Irish Sea between Wales and the Isle of Man; home to the Railway series' character book series, featuring the feeling engines Thomas the Tank Engine, James the Red Engine and Gordon the Big Engine. UniverseDavid BrinA key characteristic of this cosmos is the biologic elevation phenomenon.

Attitude for a range of tales. Watch worldlineNight Watch1998Sergei LukyanenkoSetting for the World of Watch' serial; a secret empire in which magic-enabled people ( "others") have entrance to a lower level of truth, known as " The Gloom ". WessexUnder the Greenwood Tree1872Thomas HardySetting all the great Hardy books in the southern and southwestern England.

Tarzan Alive1972Philip Jose FarmerUniverse combines many fictional genre figures, such as Tarzan, Doc Savage and Sherlock Holmes, all based on the idea of genetically mutated by the case of a Wold Newton 1795 atom. The Maker of Universes1965Philip Jose FarmerSeries of baguniverses created by an advancing, dekadent humanitarian species.

Brave New World1932Aldous HuxleyParodic universal state, in which individualism and passions are offered up for the benefit of drug-induced luck and consumption. The Xeelee universeRaft1991Stephen BaxterSetting for the Xeelee sequences of fiction and story-telling, with a distant futuristic space colonized by the offspring of man at the mercy of a hyper-technological species known as Xeelee.

1929William FaulknerThe backdrop for all but three of Faulkner's books, which are loose in Lafayette County, Mississippi. 1932Clark Ashton SmithEmpire of the Necromancers1932Clark Ashton SmithThe earth's medieval futuristic continental shelf that provides the framework for 16 brief tales.

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