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Stories can be both fact and fiction. This fictional rehearsal was written by Nancie Atwell's middle school students. What are personal and fictional narratives like? Which is unique about the themes/central ideas of a fictional narrative? Make a list of questions you have for someone you want to interview, real or fictitious.

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Draw these fictional stories for a wet one. Used for bellwork, typing exercises or pre-writing. Requests for fictional and narrative. Narrative Writing: Comprehensive and focused, this joint document contains everything you need to help your secondary and high schools write stories.

This is a series of 90 more write organisers and their 90 suitable design pages for beginners. My first package was the compilation of my saisonal promptsets. That is the sentence of my month-by-month requests, all of which are grouped, and I would like to share it with you,

Fictional student stories

This fictional rehearsal was created by Nancie Atwell's junior high masters. They are powerful testimonies to fictional narrative, offering a standard of excellence that fifth and 6th graders can aspire to. Yet every song does many things well, and every single song can set an example or spark ideas for your own fictional story.

And when I was looking down, my feet were on fire. I was sitting in my beds this morning, twisting my head in a twist of bleach. At the end of our training on the Morgan High course, the crew assembled around the high vault mats. but my tummy got hard and I squeezed my sutures.

Then I went to the mine, found my sign, took a good breather and ran, my horse's tail streamed behind me. So I went back along the freshly germinated weed to try again. "Mealtime. Looking at my watch, 6:27. It was a hottie drive to West Pine High School.

Let's get some tapes," cried Mr. McCoy about the screeching breaks when we stopped at West Pine Memorial High School. It' s about 100 meters to log in. I had to walk all the way from the car park to get to the starting line on schedule.

and inhaled and exhaled evenly. but I was too sleepy, so sleepy, I couldn't listen to my bed. I felt his hands on my shoulders before I had a chance to leave. On the way back from the college where she worked, my mom wanted to stop at the road.

I' m looking into her eye. And Lindsay seemed a little bit puzzled, but quickly put her arms around me. I was lying there long asleep, anxious about the next day when I went home that sleep. Twenty-minute earlier the next day I got to go to school and did what had to be done.

Mrs Schafer gazed at me and pointed to my place, where I immediately found my place next to Lindsay. It was serious. and I didn't ditch out. So I grabbed my bag and felt the CD reader I had stolen from Stanley. He wasn't gonna tell anyone. He was a wuss.

So my dad left his newspaper and glanced up. It was just Stanley, after all - Stanley, the mother of my mother`s kid, my favourite one. And I found a place next to John, my best mate. And he turned around and stared past me without blinking. and we used to love humiliating Stanley. And we rushed out the front porch waiting for Stanley to come out of Mr Becker's room.

It went quickly. God, he's gonna be the superstar of the class; it's gonna be great, I thought. Stanley, with Moxie on the back of his jersey and dungarees, his pocket on the floor, his book tanned. Mr Benson came down the hall and assisted Stanley to save his now destroyed work.

I was back with John when my studies were over. Probably I should have felt terrible for Stanley, but I was used to humiliate him, and it was especially funny because he didn't tell anyone. I saw Stanley walking out of the forest before I took more than a dozen footsteps.

He walked quickly. There was an eagle cried and Stanley stood and glanced around. Sliding ahead of Stanley, we ran into the center of his way. Then he tossed the purse back to Stanley and stood aside. We' ve never been looking back. Can we take Stanley too far? I don't think Stanley came to Stanley's office the next morning.

And Stanley didn't come to the next morning either. So I phoned John after we got out of college. Friday Stanley at last went back to college. But he was even more fearful than ever, and he always remained close to his schoolteachers. Sitting at my desktop, I rolled my crayon back and forth, back and forth, without looking at the instructor, only at the time.

Trying to see for myself that the academy would end at some point, it seemed desperate. While she wrote something on the plank, she immediately stood still, dropping her crayon to the ground, turning around and hitting her fist against her desktop. I' took my sweetest moment.

And Stanley was walking around in the bath room getting the paperwork off the ground. I thought I'd see why old Stanley was so bananas. So I turned around, made sure no one was in view, and grabbed the sheet of cardboard in my bag as the doorbell ring.

Children hurried to the bath, ran to their locker and desperately wanted to be the first to leave it. I was out of college for the week-end and I was excited. And I wanted to know why Stanley was so panicky. "Stanley wants to kill John and me and I don't know what to do.

For the first goddamn thing in my whole being. "I collapsed and wept for the first crying since the third year. It was a relief to me for the first in my whole lifetime that something was in the hand of the cops. Sitting in front of the TV to kill off my watch, I couldn't focus.

Fortunately, the telephone was ringing and interrupted him just in it. but I knew Officer Bradley seemed upset. "He said, "Son, you're fortunate you got to the cops on time," he said after he laid the ball down. Thought about the jokes we had done on Stanley, the Moxie and theft of the CD players, the name call and the mistreatment.

We' d done more than our part in pushing Stanley aside. It was the first one I felt what it was like to be in someone else's shoe. It was not right for me to be big and mighty by terrorising another individual and repeatedly mortifying them.

I' d taken Stanley too far. I' d been practising for the last thirty mins and my watch was burning because I had positioned it at an 90 degrees angel for so long. My unmakeable, lofty bunk, with its contorted sheet, was like the most comfy place in the canvas.

So I turned off the skylight, went blind to my bedside, crept in and grabbed the blanket. As soon as I could I went to my coach stop, where Rowan was awaiting me. "Hey, Brian," Rowan said to me. "Not much," Rowan said. It was not just an old, beaten up vehicle thundering past Rowan and me at top speeds.

Rowan was ignored; all my focus was on trying to get warmed up. "Do you know that group you and Patrick and I were talkin' about? "Rowan said to me like he was raising a two-year-old. Rowan and I were sitting with Patrick, a new man who came to Morrison High in mid-October, last Friday at noon.

but I never even knew he was there until Rowan came near him. Patrick, Rowan and I agreed that WOPS would play some rather respectable tunes and that we would come together and try to think of something. Since his father showed him the fundamentals of the low end guitars in the summers, Rowan and I had talked about forming a group.

Now patrick was at the crime site. It was the Morrison High Coach this year. "I was whispering to Rowan as the warden passed us, his normal deathly glow paved on his face. And I don't think every kid in high-school was gonna like Mr Harriman. "Rowan kept quiet for all his thoughts.

When Rowan was babbling about Mr Harriman's psych. And Rowan really had no disgrace. "Relax, Rowan. "Rowan broadened his eye and crushed his face. "Rowan said in a threatening tone, "Just like my little girlfriend Vicky. "Rowan asked with a side look, saying: "You're mad if you put the slice in your lips.

" Patrick-soon sat with us again; he seemed to make a practice of it since Friday. "Sure, that sounded good," Patrick answered, looking at his pancake. "Hey, see you later at practice," Rick Millen shouted through the room of the band to Patrick. "Okay," Patrick's regressed. "Rowan said, "What kind of sports do you play?

"across country," Patrick answered under his breaths. "Cool," said Patrick. "asked Patrick. "Rowan said recklessly. Like Rowan, not asking your approval. "So you didn't ask him?" Patrick asked in an alarm. The next morning at luncheon, Patrick said he was under house arrest for a whole months. Rowan was the problem.

We didn't have Rowan at our regular dinner party. I was Rowan-free for the first one. When he came to us, we started to resent him, to persuade us to remain in the room of a musician. When Rowan sat down in his spot, I was out of my mind. that Patrick and I had been behind his back talkin' about him.

"Yes, me too," Patrick added. Rowan said, "I mean, we won't be winning the competition if we don't have a singer. "Rowan asked. Hey, we could always leave the city and join a carnival," Rowan said in his normal cheerful voic. "Rowan ended up laughing. When I smiled and glanced at Patrick, his false grin was not very persuasive either.

As the midday clock was ringing, I tried to imagine the "restless children" that Rowan introduced himself to at our camp. No one crossed my mind but Rowan. It reminded me of the sommer when I went to a real Mardi Gras with Rowan while we were still in elementary education. When Patrick and I went into room 112 this afternoons, separated from Rowan, I had all the cool.

"raowan mills," drone the mentoring schoolteacher. "Here, sir," Rowan said in his cheerful tones. "The schoolmistress said. "I said to Patrick in a muffled sigh. "Patrick said and looked around the room. "and he said. "Hey, I'm not sure I'm even gonna do this tune for this TV station," Patrick said.

" but he was still my best mate. "I knew Patrick was upset, maybe a little upset. So I sat next to Rowan and spoke to him about Nicole. Will you talk to her," Rowan asked.

" Patrick-- he sat in the writing table on the other side of Rowan. "Patrick said with a decreasing grin. "Rowan pulled a line from our three tables to Nicole. And Rowan would change his vote and imitate mine. "Say to her to see us in the room at 3:00 tomorrow," Rowan said.

"No. We're just going to ask Mr. Mettee if we can use his mic for a while so we can get this over with," Rowan commented. "asked Patrick. "I' ll divert Mr. Supervising Teacher," Rowan said with a sly grin. "ever it was Rowan falling off the stool and landing on the floor."

" And Rowan complained when Mr. Supervising Techer came to his rescue. "He was helping Rowan get on his feet. All right. He has held his "broken" watch. "No one leaves the line while I'm away," the instructor yelled as he and Rowan left the room. "Patrick made the plea. "Okay, but I think I'm gonna go to the front porch and look for any teachers who could come by," Patrick said.

Patrick-- he got up and went to the front porch. "She glanced up from the readings and wrinkled her forehead. I' ll see you at the end of my jazzband day in the bandroom in the morning after work? He was Patrick, trying to get my mind off it. "Patrick asked and sat down. Telling her to see us in the tape room at 4:00 tomorrow," I said to Patrick, who was looking over his shoulders to see who had just in.

He was Rowan and the instructor; Rowan held his "injured" arms. Rowan, Patrick, and I had talked about whether she would show the allies or not, because of the reasons why Nicole was ever arrested. We only had our jingles for a moment, and when we were done, Mr Harriman came up to us.

Rowan opened his mouth before anyone else could talk. "We' re doing a scientific study on hair loss so that some headmasters could be a little kinder to the schoolchildren. "I was amazed that Rowan could be so overt... I' m looking around Patrick's house. And I said to Rowan, "What are you doing?" but he didn't realize it or watch out.

" Crying at Rowan. He' s an idiot,' Rowan shouted back. "Look, I've had enough of this," said Patrick. "You' re probably giving us all a whole extra whole weekend of detention, all because of your dumb ideas about how to win a dumb TV competition," I said to Rowan, my eye narrowed to his.

As I turned my back on Rowan for the first and grabbed my instrument and went to detention, I saw him and her out of the angle of my eyes. When Rowan approached Mr Harriman a fortnight after all the fizzling. Rowan and I hadn't talked since, but I had seen him in the corridors of the college, his hands slightly reaching for him.

Somebody said they got busted behind class smoke and were in constant jail. Rick, the fella Patrick knew from the compound, had taken Rowan's place at our dinner menu. "and he said you ran the band," said Michael T. "Really?

At first Patrick wouldn't say anything. Then, for the second year, no one said his "favourite station" with enough "spirit", as Michael T. put it. On the third occasion we four shouted: "WOPS! So I went out to keep quiet in the swimming pools and sit on the bank that seemed to be collapsing.

As I saw my girlfriend Sarah come out of the dressing room, I beckoned her to come over. "She said, "Not much, we did the normal thing. "There is a new gal, Laura. Sara and I were talking about our days and the lessons we were sharing. Laura was right at the fringes of the group.

I had Kathy go over there. She' s been the swimming trainer longer than I have, which has been the case for a long period since the second year. For a second she observed us, then began her normal talk that it doesn't really make any difference where we came from and that we should be proud of the place we had made.

She listened to Kathy and I would look over at Laura a few time. Thought she was nice-looking. Was Laura definitely cute. Pulling my glasses to the top of my skull, I changed, positively, that I was the first, but I always wanted to be sure.

But I was surprised that Laura had already climbs out of the swimming pools and returned to the starters. Suddenly, I got out of the swimming pools and went to the other end as fast as I could without racing. Had to hit Laura. She' s gone over there. When we went back towards the line, Laura spoke to me about what she was like in all the different beats.

and Laura stood in line for unit four. We' d be swimmin' next to each other, and I was sure I'd hit her this one. As I was climbing the pad, I thought of every possible apology why she had hit me.

I' ve raised my skull more than ever this one. Where is Laura? I wanted to see where Laura is. As I got up, Laura climbed out. After I lifted myself out of the swimming bath I was waiting for Sarah to climb out behind me. So I went into the calm cuisine. Laura had shocked my self-esteem.

Leaving the galley, I went to the home room where I turned on the TV. We had our staff at the swimming pools. I was with Sarah. It was shocking. And I was looking over at Laura. Well, she was good-looking, not scared of how I felt. "with a worried look on my face.

So I got up and went to the start block. I' m glad I didn't swim against Laura, but I' m still scared. But I was excited to make it through the races and when I glanced up I saw that I had finished second. So I went back to our bank.

smiled. "I' m in luck if I ever find a place," said Sarah. You knew my familiar pattern: first place after first place, occasionally second. Then someone asked Laura how she was. Then I collapsed in my chair, angry. And in the back I could hear everyone congratulate Laura on her victory.

I could see Laura approaching from the angle of her eyes. There was Laura. I mean, she seemed puzzled and upset. So she went back to join Sarah. Before Sarah or Laura could get me, I took my things and unscrewed myself from the coach into my mother's apron.

"Okay," I said and closed the hatch and strapped myself in. So, I thought I'd call Sarah to see if she wanted to go to the cinema or come over or do something else - anything but surf. Well, I was wondering who Sarah was with. When I took my book out of my rucksack, I asked myself a grumpy question: Was Sarah with Laura?

Monday, when I got to grammar school. I saw Sarah in the front rows. She had no room near her, just one in the back of the car. When I went to her, I tried to fall on her. I saw Laura when I saw who did it.

So why did Sarah hang out with her and not me? Sarah, I collapsed the paper and pretended to point my crayon. I" sharpened" my crayon and went back to my chair. Anderson, our instructor, Ms. Anderson, accepted the appeal. and she didn't want to attract attention.

"Sarah! You and Laura were down the hallway. So I ran after them without seeing if there was a local tutor who could get me into difficulties. "Sarah, wait," I said, and grabbed her by the wrist. "and you didn't get my message.

sarah' s got her preview. "Sarah, tell me! "I shouted this one. It was Laura who was unwell at the whole thing. Later, Sarah," and hurried down the hallway. Sara breathed deeply. Looks like she wants to run away or even more so. Sara saw the puzzled look on my face.

Here's to Laura and me. "I said, Laura always wins," I said in desperation. and Sarah disappeared. I didn't want to be Sarah's girlfriend anymore. and I had no idea what to do about Sarah. Sitting in the chair, I tried to keep an eye on my weeping.

Sara was always there for me. but would you mind listening? So I got up, locked the barn and went to the washbasins. And I saw how my face appeared spotty and scarlet in the rearview mirrors. He was Laura. I mean, she seemed upset to see me.

She seemed worried for a second, but I was sure she was as angry with me as Sarah. There was something I knew I had to tell Laura. She seemed amazed she didn't expect me to say something like that. "Laura said, "I know," when the doorbell was ringing.

"We' re gonna go see Sarah," she said. "Laura will," Laura said when she took my wrist back and half dragged me to the cafe. and begged her to be my girlfriend again. We were in the cramped cafe before I could work out an answer, went directly to the desk where Sarah was seated and were obviously awaiting Laura.

When she saw Laura, she glanced up and smiles. And then she saw me crouching behind Laura, and she seemed upset. "Sarah virtually spit the words on Laura when we got to the desk. "Cause she needs to speak to you," Laura said. I didn't want to be Sarah's girlfriend anymore.

so she grabbed my hand even more tight. She was staring at me. but when I saw her face, she smiled. All of a sudden I recalled a match that Sarah and I had been playing when we were eight and to see who could remain under water longer.

Then after a while, when I wasn't sure if I could last a second longer than I wanted to give up and make her the victor, Sarah would breach the top. It was a better sense of clean, clear lung than any win over Sarah or Laura or anyone else.

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