Fictional Libraries

Ftional Libraries

Pages in category "Fictional libraries". This is Turtle Princess' library from Adventure Time. Library of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquity from the mummy. The Henry Higgins Library of My Fair Lady. It is a young fiction of the very best quality that shows inspiration, imagination and an intoxicating passion for storytelling.

  • 14 Fictional libraries where you would like to stay during the library week

To me it is the libary - and I dreamt of living in these 14 fictitious libraries. As a child, I used to live down the road from my small town's community libraries, and I used to spend many an afternoons with my back to a bookshelf and a pile of secrets at my side.

As I came to school, I grew a love-hate affair with the campus libraries, but the nocturnal breakouts and the sporadic spotting in the piles just made me feel upbeat. Now, as an adult, it' s still my lucky place, the place I go when my flatmates drive me mad, when I have to fasten my seat belt and write something, or when I need a new literary resource to read my outings.

I' m at the libary. Writers, scriptwriters and creatives have always shared their passion for libraries in their work, on TV and on the highscores. Fictitious libraries, no different from reality, were presented as magic places, places of wonder and wonder, of secret and redemption. When you want to hear a good tale about a libary, try one of an experienced librettist like Jorge Luis Borges to it.

Which colder libary is there than the universes themselves, which ever contains a work to be ever composed, and those still to be made? While the Jedi Temple Libraries may have been one of the first to deal with the interface between literature and science. Well, if you want to know about anything, this is a good place to begin.

Because of whatever reasons, libraries seem to regularly draw murders and riddles. Though one tries to prevent these two things - for good reasons - it would be difficult to miss the opportunity to go through the tortuous maze of the fictitious Umberto Eco abbey libraries in Italy, all 56 magnificent rooms thereof.

Which little gal saw Disney's Beauty and the Beast and didn't want to touch every back of every one of the most beautifully illustrated books in comics? As a Helen Hunt enthusiast (and who isn't?), you should include the Night Vale Publique to your fictitious literature sightseeings.

I don't encourage disfiguring a book, but it would be good if someone painted over the taglines "WAR IS PEACE", "FREEDOM IS SLAVERY" and "IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH" outside. J. R. R. R. Tolkien masterly presented a beautiful elf collection in his Lord of the Ring Book, but Peter Jackson's on-screen version of Rivendell is staggering.

I can only think of taking an old legend books off the bookshelves and losing myself all afternoons in the adventures, a hot wind that sometimes rushes the pages of the album. The Sandman comic books could be found in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman comic books - one already composed, one not yet finished and one that is only a dream.

This is definitely the kind of public librarian I want in my city. There was Mrs. Peacock with the plumb line in the hospital ward. When you have a lot of laughs and plays, and a little bit of killing to booting, then go check out the mystical villa in the clue film and boardgame could be a funny place to go.... as long as you do it through the evening meal first.

Everyone aboard the Hogwarts Express, because we are on our way to the most magic book on the encyclopedia directory. Hold your hands and feet inside the island because the barking and biting in that bookcase. The Music Man Municipal Libraries are generally a place of tranquility, but The Music Man Municipal Libraries are a place of singing and dancing.

You can not only stop by for a short music number, but Marian the librarian will also be sharing all the "dirty books" of Chaucer and Balzac with you. A book is not the best place to go in a forbidden and burnt book business at all.

Ray Bradbury's dystopy requires that humans become live libraries. It may be difficult to find them on Google Maps, but these libraries would at least be better interlocutors than the usual bricks and timber libraries. The Greendale Community College Library is not the place to go if you really want to learn, but if you want to let go with your learning group, this is the right place.

Cushion battles, obstacles and sometimes even hearts to hearts are just as usual as life stories and enigmas in this university. If he' s not travelling the world collecting tardy dues and fighting off literature figures, Rex Libris is in the Middleton Public library protecting the local manslaughter. It seems like a normal book, but a trip there would be like a trip to your favourite sports star's dressing room or a trip behind the stage to your favourite band's music.

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