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Pages in category "Fictional Food". In this funny info graphic you can see some of the food and drinks in the movie and on the screen. Why is food so tempting in fiction? Eating plays a big role in the lives of our favorite fictional characters (as well as our own) and often serves as an important literary tool in books. I' m a painter and illustrator, specialized in food art.

Fiction Food - Fake Food from TV and Film

Join us as we research some of our fictional top food from film and television and find out more about the few who made it into reality: Homer accidentally makes Tokacco - a tomato-tobacco- when he fertilises his crops with platinum. Prescriptions: Look, the Cheesy Blaster, a cheesy filled hoog, wrapped in a slice of sausage.

Prescriptions: You can try one of our warm dog and topping dishes or conjure up one of these simple home-made slice dishes. Prescriptions: We' re not sure, but we'll take it either way. You can suck it up. Prescriptions: This may be an approach to Muggle, but we still think this Warm-Spiced Cider has magic taste: If you're in South Park and want a little something to eat, it's probably Cheesy Poofs.

You wouldn't be crippled if you didn't have cheese balls! To celebrate the fifteenth South Park seasons, South Park and Frito-Lay have teamed up to create genuine Cheesy Poofs for sale in Wal-Mart shops. They' re not poofs, but these crisps and snack prescriptions are anything but lame: in the second episode of the time-traveling drama it's 2015, and the McFly familiy is enjoying a dry Hill Valley style slice ofizza.

The cake, in its desiccated shape, is about the approximate biscuit-sized, and its pack of mild detergent tells guests to take it out of its packaging and re-hydrate it for 2 seconds. "Marty asks why you can't just finish the almonds. Let's just say that a desiccated slice will someday revert to its original state - in or out of the gastrointestinal tract.

Have a look at our definitive leader in making pizza: Peter Griffin loves to sip locally, and his favorite beverage is the Pawtucket Patriot Ale made by Quahog. Prescriptions: We' re not sure if Peter would agree, but we just like those mix beverages of beer: Staying at Marshmallow is the apparently innocuous tidbit that can be seen in the back of some screens.

From now on, the film' s supporters can buy caffeine-containing Marshmallow from Stay Puft. Do you like your Marshmallow with less jerking? Create your own homemade vanilla marshmallows: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You: Slour is the refreshing beverage of your choosing in the Futurama-Universum. Prescriptions: Blend one of these delicious beverages: In the first film of the Harry Potter franchise, the young character is acquainted with the marvelous sweets of the magic wand, among them Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

If they say "every taste," they mean every taste - from praline and citrus drops to livers, tripes and, unfortunately, earwax. Prescriptions: Tru:Blood, a sparkling beverage with the taste of red wine, is now on sale. Blend your own tribute to the under-dead with this red mullet pomegranate mimosa: Sure, Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstoppers - a pine crusher sweet with many colours and flavours - have been on the market for years.

However, our favourite copy of the sweets can be seen in the 1971 feature length documentary that put Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the big screen. The gob-stopper in this release contained many colorful pieces of sweets that came from a bonbon bean. And it was a treat that, faithful to its name, was virtually forever.

Prescriptions: In a 1998 story, the chef came up with the idea that inspired a playful song: Schokoladen-Salzkugeln. Prescriptions: Do you like it? View our over 100 recipe for cocoa.

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