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Pages in category "Fictitious universities and colleges". Schools The best fictitious schools and universities. The writers Bret Easton Ellis, Jill Eisenstadt and Jonathan Lethem use Camden College in their works. ESU: Instead, the characters attend fictitious colleges where students can engage in heavy drug use and unbridled sex without offending anyone on the board of trustees. Are you able to name the universities that appear in these films/television programmes?

The best fictional colleges from television, films and literature.

How the eczemas of the foster fenders within a four mile radius of your home colleges could have said the center is back in meeting. While America is full of great collegiate cities, great collegiate clubs and even better collegiate swimmers, no single class can compete with the legend we've seen in films, television and schoolbooks.

Sure, these places made us think that it would be an uninterrupted orgia with the odd pause for a judge, just as Aladdin made us think that the Middle East was a place of blues geniuses, but what is the pleasure of the fictional, if it is no better than the original?

There are here the top 21 fictitious colleges we all wish we could have been worrying about. We' re giving mad requisites to a college that doesn't really give a damn about how much you work or how much you know, and will throw you out of the programme if you don't look like that.

For some graduates of a Middle Atlantic Liga club with a mythical baseball club that acts as a launch pad for generation of financial fools, a rhymed "Puke" could meet a little near home. However, did this Durham college ever catch a Democratic president contestant who was served by a willing student in the forests on our campsite?

Really, how awesome is a college with a superintendent out to get a brotherhood that makes Otis Day and the Knights go to a tanga fare? I' m sorry, but the only way your college can break into the top 21 is because your woman is such a Teamplayer.

Hats off to the good old CU, which has given every individual collegiate stereo type a mighty shop on their campuses with a strong outcry. You' re gonna hear South Harmon out, but Hillman is the best fictional colleges ever, right? But that place let a guy in his mid-20s remain inscribed and do nothing for seven years, then signed him up in the schools paper TWO for being a good example slater -- AND let you do the value of a whole term of work in one weeks time.

If your inaugural speech is by Rodney Dangerfield and contains the most widespread inaugural speech of the last 25 years -- "Move back in with your folks, let them take care of it" -- then you definitely have one of the best fictional colleges ever. Tormenting on prison draft is beautiful large indefinite quantity object for people slope, Blue Mountain State PCs push and harasses the being organism out of all unit of his field game unit, all time conformity with the propulsion message of deed the contestant run fiercely on field.

Sure, the University of New Hampshire has one of the great traditions of university sport with its delightful fishing litter. If this fictional New Hampshire Liberalschool -- founded on Bret Easton Ellis' elma mater Bennington Colleges -- were true, it would still be the second-best New Hampshire collegiate practice after "doing a lot of coke and popping your whole school".

In most colleges you have to be IN COLLEGE to form a brotherhood. So if you don't care to go to college in a remodeled psychiatric clinic and have Lewis Black for your university career, this is a perfect place to get on board, create your own class on a white board and tutor them the way you want.

While we are fairly certain that this is not too far from many Washington and Oregon colleges, South Harmon still holds our top position thanks to the excellent S. H. I. T. Lappen and its scary masked S. H. I. T. Sandswich.

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