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Drag-on speech recognition software for desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile. While there is a small fee for this program, it is available for both Windows and Mac. I would like to explain why, especially since much of the information about this program is about using it to write fiction. By Alice LaPlante, The Making of a Story : A Guide to Writing Fiction von Alice LaPlante ; The Art of Subtext : Compatible with Mac and PC platforms.

About StoryMill?

About StoryMill? Not only does composing a big novel come about, it's sketched. Story Mill is both. Use your enigma, romanticism, adventure, actions or sci-fi ideas to turn them into a novel that you know is inside, but only needs a little help to get out. StoryMill was created to make it easier for people to write, and is conceived in such a way that it contains all the important items for typing, as well as a place for organising all the other parts and music.

Within StoryMill. The StoryMill is unbelievably versatile - use it as your place to type and edit with its distraction-free full image and strong notes, or as your place to organise all the characters, places and scenes that make up your novel. Use the Progress Meter to follow a day-to-day target.

Write timing and date tracking of scene and event data is crucial. The timeline function, which is exclusively for StoryMill, allows you to group the scene so that you can see the relation between them. Add a scene or event and look at the unclocked scene lists. Irrespective of how long your history lasts, the timeline viewer gives you a prospect that is unparalleled only at StoryMill.

I' m _love_ StoryMill. This was either this or srivener, but I wasn't interested in the basics of text processing in srivener - but this application is not meant to be a text processing application and I also felt that StoryMill was much simpler to use. The software is very well done, but although it is to be translated into French, it is only available in English on the App Store Appleintosh.

Modify: I contacted the editor who replied and gave me a link to download the software in French. Everything is fine now, great software, really very practical. Then you can see two different editions of your letter, make changes and make changes in one so you can check them against the other.

StoryMill's best feature is full-screen mode, which gives you a smooth, trouble-free world.

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