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As a writer, your creative process may differ from that of your colleagues, but one thing is certain: you all face the same fundamental problems. Are you writing flash fiction? Sign up for one of these great journals to get paid for your creative writing. The Historical Novel Society - promotes all aspects of historical fiction and publishes the quarterly Historical Novels Review. You can also find many other ways to exchange news about attractive fiction websites for entertainment or training.

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I had to find my own way when I began to write books. It took me a lot of errors and I went down many dead ends and had to find my own ressources - all this took me a lot of better to write. The site is a one-stop-store for everything to do with literature (see below!).

Spend your free day strolling around, enjoying and learning.

There are 6 main characteristics of a Fiction Writer's website

If you are technically experienced or not, nowadays every writer needs a website. I will tell you in this paper the functions you need to be a professionally crafted website that works for you, but first you need to know exactly what it is you are trying to attain.

None of the readers will look at each of these volumes to find what they want to see. An eye-catching artwork may help you stand out, but nothing draws a readership faster than the name of an editor they rely on. This is why the title of the Ian Rankin and Patricia Cornwell authors' works are overshadowed by their name.

People who have loved your work in the past will use your name as an indicator of sound, typing styles and qualities before they see your latest offer: you are a name. Also, the book that the store explicitly recommends is piled side by side with the contest. Anything you say must be about you as an writer.

√ĘThis is how the Reader refers to you and this is the part of yourself that you need to code. We would like your autobiography to still be in your vocal range, the readership is interested in your testimony, but it must remain on-communication. Be free to talk about your interests, but your readership need not know that you have just reached the third group.

Understanding that your website users are interested in you through your book and that's what they want information about. Ian Rankin completed his studies at the University of Edinburgh in 1982 and then wrote fiction for three years when he was to do his doctorate in Scottish literature.

Readers get a glimpse into Rankin's story before being taken directly back to his work. In fact, this section uses the early contexts of parenting to make his writings appear mischievous, while subtlely communicating that he is a well-trained man. Posting a third person's bio makes this kind of ploy less obvious and gives a touch of professionality.

It is a good notion to have both a brief and a long life story. A long bio is for people who want to know more, but the brief bio is an intro for new supporters and the media. Journalists should be able to use your brief bio as the first section of their articles.

You need your image to look professionally and jellify with the sound of your text. Watch these three profiles of authors' websites: Ian Rankin is writing mystery stories. The best-known Roald Dahl has written children's literature. Just think, each of them has only one image of its creator on the front.

Think of the image as the only thing an artist can use to describe sound, gender and music. This is the image that should be on your website. Here is our full guideline for a professionally designed photograph. You' re going to the only place in the worid where it's all about your book, so show them the library.

Here is an example of Sir Terry Pratchett's'Books' section: When possible, stick to the'allow deep, but allow reach to sell' rule: show your reader as much of your work as possible and let them excavate more deeply where they want. The reader treats trustworthy writers like liferafts and they want to know that there is a large choice of textbooks before they have to find another one.

And you don't know which page lured a readership to your website, so if your "books" page is a big advertisement for your latest work, then you only advertise for those who haven't been reading this one. Blogs about the write making can be intriguing for users who know they will be holding the final article in their hand, and for authors just beginning to write, it can help keep an audience's consciousness of their work.

Also, it will help you to directly develop your own label, interesting readership in you and your work. There is a link between authors and readership that will help your brands. Tweeters allow people to contact you directly, without it appearing odd if you don't answer, although a response to a user on Tweeters or Facebook will make you a lifetime support.

Phantasy novelist Neil Gaiman is a regular contributor to his followers via Twitter, and at the moment of his posting it was helping him to build up a fan base of 1,915,515 souls. Obviously, it is dependent on how much investment you are willing to make in this area. Socials are relatively simple to maintain and since each creator has his own tastes, you will not be paralyzed for underutilization as long as you are constant.

No matter how much you want to use it, your trademark should be on Facebook and Twitter and the icon for these pages should be clearly displayed on your page. It' s free imaging and opting-out shows a shortage of willingness that some people might turn off. It can help the awareness of the press; increasing your accessibility is useful when you are trying to be perceived.

This is a compilation of the above mentioned information, which should make it as simple as possible for a reporter to use you. Add your brief bio, a full work listing and as many professional-quality images as you like. For help with your multimedia kits, you can view this sample here.

Writer Lorrie Thompson makes it as simple as possible for anyone who wants to post about her; you can see everything in her multimedia kits without even rolling down: Well-known for giving his supporters that little something special, Neil Gaiman's website has a "Cool Stuff and Things" section with video, shorts, essays, audioclips, extracts and in-depth interview.

Everybody is a fan-lover of free music and, like the interaction with a fan on online gaming, this is the kind of thing that leads you from an editor who someone enjoys to an editor whose book is pre-ordered six month before it's released. It' s hard to say how much additional material is raffled off for each and every writer, but in the ten-minute period since the publication of the "Blogs and Twitter News " section, the number of followers of Mr. Gaiman on Twitter has increased to 1,915,533.

The purpose of these utilities and hints is to help you create the best website for your reader, so don't forget that it's something for those who like your work. For help in building an efficient but accessible authoring website, take a look at our authoring website designing services.

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