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Explore the creative writing scholarships offered worldwide. Check out these other great opportunities in our list of scholarships for writing majors. Family Scholarship Prize Essay Contest. TheBestSchools. org Online Learning Stipendium.

Utilize your creative writing skills to find generous scholarship funds.

Studying in Great Britain

The Birkbeck Univeristy of London Sophie Warne Fellowships - A 1,750 pound tuition fees grant is available for an exceptional graduate who has been accepted into the university's MA programme in Arts Writing. Two £10,000 scholarships are available to US scholars who study an MBA in the field of alternative-writing.

Universiy of East Anglia school of Literature, Drama and Writing Postgraduate Scholarships - Various scholarships for writing creativity to complete a Masters in creative writing at college, which includes full fees for North American, Afrika and Asiatic interns. Falmouth at Falmouth University Internacional Scholarship - College of Writing & Journalism - A 5,000 prize is available to an intern ( "non-EU") graduate who has enrolled at Falmouth University to begin his degree in the fall of 2016.

The Chatham Univerity - Various assistant positions and scholarships are available to students to complete an MBA in Visual Writing at the Univeristy. The Ursinus Collegium in Pennsylvania awarded a $33,000 yearly prize for "creative authors of exceptional origins and potential" to students at this Pennsylvania based adult art academy. The Penguin Classic Signet Scholarship Essay Contest - Five original writing scholarships are available for US High school seniors and schoolchildren.

The Marylhurst Binford Writing Scholarship - Scholarships are for registered members of the Marylhurst and Binford universities with a special interest in student and major Englishs. sira nevada collegium mfa in creative writing scholarships - performance and on-demand scholarships for writing are available to attend school. Phyllis Gebauer Scholarship in Writing - Up to 10 scholarships are available each year to attend a writing programme at UCLA Extension.

The Pine Manor School MFA in Creative Writing - Various scholarships for writing creativity for university studies, which include on-demand Referral Writing and Jacqueline Woodson Fellowships given to a native of Africa or the Carribean. The Webber International University Studentpublication Scholarship - Scholarships are available to those who prove their ability in the creation, processing, writing or designing of scholarly work.

Universiy of Guelph Graduate Scholarships - Various scholarships are available to attend an MBA in Visual Writing at the Universiy, most of which are open to both national and internat. A AU$10,000 scholarship is available to an AU$10,000 scholarship holder who is conducting a writing research program at the National library for at least four consecutive years.

The Victoria Univeristy of Wellington International Institute of Modern Letters - Various scholarships for writing creativity to attend college, mainly at MA school. jQuery (ad_unit). addClass("ad-loaded") ; var ad_height = evenement. size[1] ; if (ad_height ====== 600) { jQuery(ad_unit). addClass("hpu-ad") ; } if (ad_height =======1) { jQuery(ad_unit). hide() ; } ; } hide().

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