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Many fictional prompts and creative writing ideas that you can use for your own writing. You can use the prompts for NaNoWriMo or for other projects. And there are a lot of interesting, inspiring hints in here. Want to explore a new universe or create an alternative reality with your fiction? One page for prompts.

Prompts for the fiction

Create a storyline in which a chance item can cause an event of loss of memory within a player's characters. Create a storyline of this character's interaction with the universe and decide whether he is conscious of these events or not. Create a storyline in which the characters are totally unique.

All about this personality is different from the usual, but this personality must be living and interacting in a natural state. Do these characters lead to conflicts or do they fit into the global environment? Draw a tale from the point of view of an inert item, such as a sweet box, laptops or tote.

History should include the various things the subject sees, how it interacts with it, and of course a person best suited to the subject. Make a tale from the point of view of this relation or a person who gets to know your relation. Start writing a storyline in which you capture the ten phrases you have selected.

Can you find a message that makes you angry or very pleased? Make a tale about the folks behind this one. Draw up a tale in which something dramatic has taken place. However, you should tell your tale in such a way that it is not clear what actually took place. Create a narrative in which a human trait is enhanced and is common to all human beings or a particular group of human beings.

Attempt to select two of your favourite character in a script, a show, a film or a film. Modify the character name. Create a storyline in which these two players get together and become best friend or enemy. Put this relation at the center of your history. Make a tale about a post-apocalyptic state.

Create a storyline about those who come together, start over and rebuild. Make a tale of how this firm is trying to rig its employer. Make a tale that consists exclusively of characters. Who' s writing the deeds? Make sure that your letter reflects the media you have chosen.

So what's your favourite myth? Tell a tale about your responses and the next few things you would do if you heard that. Make a history that'?s built on this place. Attempt to integrate some of the spiritfolkloric elements into your history. Now, you are writing a tale about this journal that not only hits the general public, but is also becoming very well known.

Create a storyline in which the key relation between a person and a part of his physical being is. Yes, a part of her anatomy like his legs, arms or nails can communicate with the temper. You can use these resources to make a history. Create a storyline that begins with one of the easy-to-follow sentences.

Make a tale that answers one of these and more. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a history. Who' s your favourite sportsman or heroes? Tell a tale of how your favourite sportsman was throwing an obstruction and had to work through it. Make a history that' re founded in this land.

You can use these facts to steer your history. Try to record everything you can recall about this nightmare every single day. Spend some of your free space writing down all the things that get stuck, such as the pictures, the images of the dreamers and some of the interrelationships. You can use the detail of your fantasies to create a history.

Attempt to make a narrative that' s built on the urban environment in which you are living. Attempt to find an interesting storyline about your area and use it to build a storyline. Create a tale about a protagonist caught in another item. It can be about the thoughts of the protagonists and of those who interact with the subject.

Compose a fictitious narrative that' s inspired by an eulogy. You can use these few minutiae to make a tale about someone. Make a tale in which the opening sequence does something your pets normally do at home. Make a tale in which the nature celebrates this topic in some way. Make a tale in which you have the same protagonists, but these protagonists keep reappearing in different tales.

There is no need for the tales to be related, but the protagonists must be connected in some way. Make a tale that contains something that really scares you. Their history could include how the player will overcome this anxiety or how the player will be eaten up by it. Draw up a tale in which the protagonist has something to do with the disease.

What effect does this have on this individual, how does it refer to the entire plot and how does the protagonist deal with the disease or not?

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