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The majority of shows employ authors, and such positions are hardly advertised. My favorite subjects are writing novels and academic papers. Publishers and publishers who invite authors to submit their fiction for publication. I am a writer and I would not give it up, but let me tell you that there are many more important jobs that each of them pays better! Being a writer, you are involved in the creation and development of works of fiction and non-fiction.

Twelve plus pieces of writing: At-Home Writing Jump Starts Your Career

Perhaps you only work as a recreational writing by making up a story in your free life. Today I have some good tips on how and where you can submit your work - whether you are writing shorts, fiction, greeting card or screenplay, I list below a store looking for your great work.

And if you're a fanciful author, there are a few following web pages you should familiarize yourself with: web pages like Duotrope, The (Submission) Grinder, and Writer's Markets can and should become your best friend. the astonishingly acclaimed Stephenie Meyer of Twilight Glory used Writer's Marks to get to work!

This site collects lists of publishing houses looking for everything from shorts and poems to greetings cards and scripts for movies and television. Both Duotrope and Writer's Marks are remunerated service that cost $5-$6 per months, with the possibility of saving by buying an annuity pass. Whilst most of them covert all different styles and kinds of writing, only uses hedge fiction (like sci-fi and fantasy) and humour as well.

CONTAINA is another large self-employed employment market. Fiction Online - Flash Fiction Online is currently open to Flash Fiction in all genres, and its genres cover sci-fi and phantasy, fear, mainstream, humour, literature and more. You' re paying $60 per history between 500-1000 words. Glitter Train - Glitter Train likes to encourage new authors and accept stories with up to 12,000 words.

You charge a $2 administration charge, but when your history is selected for release, you will get $700. Sun - The Sun is always looking for great shorts (along with essay, interview and poems). You' re also paying a nice penny: between $300 and $1500 for shorts (usually less than 7000 words).

You will also receive an annual membership of the journal when it is released. I just wrote about this mag, but they're really something to mention here again! Sun pays $100 - $200 for poesy, so don't miss it when you send your verses. Podestal Magazines - Pedestal Magazines prides itself on promoting art and celebrating individuals, and they put their funds where their mouths are.

If you accept your books for publishing, you will earn $40 per book in this journal. Rassel - Rassel is always looking for poetic freshness and evokes emotions they have never experienced before. You do not set any length limit to poesy and you are invited to dispatch up to 4 verses at once. Pay is $100 per verse that will appear in your printed paper, and $50 for verse that will appear on your site.

In addition, the participants receive a free annual membership for the journal. Eyewitness - This firm is interested in poems and other writings that might be suitable for their greetings card - especially those that reflect individual experiences. But no rhyming poetics! $300 per book for free and clear use on their maps, and $50 per book for one-time use.

In that case, we are interested in your Christmas-card. And even a novel (somewhere between a novel and a brief history - usually a history between 7500 and 40,000 words)? So if you don't have an agency or don't want to, you can buy your work yourself - maybe you'll have more chances with smaller stores that release novels (like Clarkesworld if you are writing sci-fi and fantasy) or with small printing maschines.

Deliver your letter directly to your audiences via Smashwords and Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. Don't neglect to tell me when you get your big blackout! If you use my hints to selling your astonishing history, then write me a message and tell me all about it.

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