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writing fiction ideas

Do you need an idea to start writing? When you have problems with good ideas, try these:. Check out one of these flash fiction prompts: Each author has a different process for developing story ideas. Want to learn how to write great science fiction?

1,200 Prompts - Prompts for writing fictions

More than a dozen years ago, during the camping, the life of five teens was irreversibly interwoven. They have now come together again and they all have to come to grips with what has been happening this year. Fascinated by series murderers, the main character chooses to make a feature length movie about her most horrible atrocities.

It'?s, well, it'?s complicated to talk about a complicated relation. It is in a land that enthuses about liberty that the regime has decided that its citizens must not consume alcohol. Make a history during Prohibition in the United States. At the first lesson two best buddies find a terrifying mystery about one of their new masters.

Attempt to write a history that is also a poet. On a natural walk, four of our fans explore a cavern with flowing waters. When they penetrate more and more deeply into the cavern, they find odd things - man-made structures, an old computer from the early 1980s, a breathing apparatus and odd mango-sized spheres radiating a bright luminescent candle.

Everybody gets weary of the coldness and looks forward to the summers. However, this summers will be more than just sunny and light seaside holidays, for something terrible and unthinkable is out there. The older pair travelling through the deserts spend an evenings watching stars and share life recollections.

Describe a historic catastrophe that has brought a small number of lives to die and be destroyed and has therefore never attracted either domestic or foreign interest.

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Featuring less than 1000 words, these fiction protests will make your story shorter and more engaging. Fast-fiction can be anything you want. If you use the bite-sized tales you are writing as excercises, individual items or sections of a bigger work, the compressed length is an advantage.

You will find that the writing practices of fiction will help you to take full advantage of the vocabulary, make your writing feeling more kinetisch, and enhance your writing skills when it comes to writing without a clear path. Well, now that you know some of the aims of these fiction protests, let's write.

Starting as a sleep-walking issue, it turns into an adventurous evening where Dane gets behind the steering seat and does what he was too scared to do when he woke up. When drawing a portrayal of a supposedly fictitious theme, an actor has a telling flash back about his early years, which reveals some lost recollections.

When a young man is suddenly galloping into the far away and it is up to this unexperienced horseman to keep the young man holding him and take him to the shelter. An automobile crashes into the sea after the chauffeur has fallen over.

Tell his flight or his passing, and flashbacks to sequences from his lofty emotive journey to see his distant friend leaving him with some unsolved sentiments. If a drunk gets to sleep at the helm of a charterschool, it will be up to two 10-year-old pupils who will take the pupils to the shelter. This will be difficult because they are not big enough to pedal.

It' s Marnie's first baby-sitting nights and she's only in for an hours when she learns a broken windows and the alarms go off. It' s Friday evening at the Kamaoke Bars, and when the boss phones Jordan to perform "I Believe in a Thing Callled Love" by the Dark.

If both a young man and a young woman with the same name appear to perform the tune they have both chosen, it is only a death-off. At first glance, two teenagers are found at the top of a rollercoaster in a romance. Discover "The Shot Heard'Round The World" from a more verbatim view.

In other words, give (I dare say) snapshots of the various responses to the Revolutionary War from all parts of the globe ending with Britain. Archaic Egypt dummies come to live every 500 years for one single good old age. Are you writing about a potatoe group? Soon it becomes clear that she has to abandon the mortal realm and embrace her fate: she turns into a sea virgin.

So how does Gavin Wolfe get out of this horrible dream? A wicked magician turns 4 of your four cuzzes into play figures. One recently renowned brain surgeon cures his patient of Cancer but his new tumor-shrinking technique causes aberrant delusions that cause the reader to do the bid of one they call Spacelord. It is a world war, different from what the Earth has seen before, when the progressive people of Venus are able to modify the flight path of the Earth which, without knowing it, is directed towards Mars, which is even more progressive and thinly population.

A foreign fellowship is taking over Disney World by sneaking into the actors' outfits. For years an uncovered coop has been pose as a streetwalker to stop the practices in her city, but a lot is at stake when a well-known female political figure shows up at the pub where she works that evening.

One group of the few people left who did not struggle in the Third World War hid in the New York underground, which is closed off from the town. If they are almost running out of food and they are being made to flee, what hits them on the face? Zoƫ is chosen as one of the eight to battle the enemies for her own nation, but it turns out that she is in lover with someone from the enemy's state.

Draw a painting of this state. You can use these tiny fiction Promptts to create a story that is 300 words or less. Ari will be so upset when she gets casted for Lock Box. Turns out it's a con leading you alone into a room with a mass murderer.

An unlikely crew of a line and a hamsters to get out of the zoo and release all the pets on the only days when there is no staff: Describe the tragic moments when a metaphorical little metamorphosis appears from its chrysalis. Hopefully you liked these fiction prompt flashes!

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