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I' m writing historical and speculative fiction and mentors. Only two days left until the Flash Fiction competition in March! These are our eight most important guidelines for fiction students:. You can help to improve this article by adding more detailed quotations. Help each other to write better.

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We apologize for the trouble, as we are again dealing with a stubborn one. The Galactic Division (book #1) is another great to try out. When Milo, a peacemaker, arrives, this is the first time he has read this volume..... Congratulations to WF member MoWrite on having won the March 2017 WF Kurzgeschichtenwettbewerb. It' s only two and a half day until the participation in the Flash-Fiction-Competition in March!

Take part in our short story competition in March 2017. You can take part in this competition by entering one of two..... Looks like we have some tech issues right now.

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This is definitely the case in The Shouting in the Dark, and I have revised the script almost twenty beats. However, in both ways of writing, thought comes from writing. I have been writing non-fiction for over 25 years, and at first I thought there were two different types of workflows.

To think that this used to make me very weary! Is writing fiction going to make your non-fiction better or are they very different things? Yes, research informs my books, especially when I'm intrigued by a subject I'm investigating, but it's not always fiction. It shows how the collonial meeting in all its many ambivalences and complexities influenced all of the kingdom's relationships, even the hearts.

Which resources did you use for your research? Also the 1901 and 1911 Jewish census was very informative, which shows how surprising many Indians with last names were living in the port areas of Great Britain at that age.

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