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Regularly updated list of book and novel competitions for published and unpublished authors. The Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards Writer's Digest veranstaltet die Popular Fiction Awards. List of writing competitions for poets, short story writers and other forms of writing. These are some literary competitions with upcoming dates. The Narrative Fall Story Contest WHO:

Curated list of paid & free competitions

Send it to Inkitt's Novel Competition to get a shot at winning their sturdy award baskets, including: a promotional drive to put your novel in Amazon's Top 100, a $6,000 invest in your Inkitt release, expert artwork designs and finishing, and 25% royalty. Every montly a winning entry will be chosen for release - so please send in your history by the end of the monthly!

Fiction, Oregon Book Awards are available for originals that have been released or created in the following categories: Poetry, fiction, general non-fiction, creative non-fiction, children's books, juvenile books, drama and graphic music. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenplay, The Rattle Poetry Prize is offering $10,000 for a solo poetry piece that will be featured in the magazine's print edition.

Poetry, Hippocampus Magazine is raffling off more than $1,200 in hard currency and awards this November in our yearly competition for the Remember in November competition for Nonfiction. Memoirs, non-fiction books, search for travel-specific plays that have a strong feeling for place, personality or age. The competition is open to previously unreleased and previously unreleased works that have not yet been selected as winners of the competition.

Fiction, non-fiction, poesy can be of any kind, length or contents, but it must be your own. Poetics can be serious or bizarre, fact or fiction, but they should hit a note that makes us listen. Poesie, create a 150-word fiction game.

This is the competition's competition target. Create a narrative (on any topic) with exactly 150 words. 12 September 2018 - Entry fees ?: Flash-Fiction, Ecrire une histoire, c'est réunir deux personnes, deux personnes qui ne réalisent pas nécessairement qu'ils sont faits l'un pour l'autre, mais le public les soutient.

5 September 2018 - Entry fees ?: Fiction, We are looking for individual essay, memoir and non-fiction books on any subject. 10 August 2018 - Entry fees ?: Essay, memoir, non-fiction, The competition's main challenges are to create a sonnett in Ibic pentametry, just like Shakespeare.

25 July 2018 - Entry fees ?: Poetry, create a terrible or thrilling tale for this writing competition. A $100 money award will be given to the winning team. Fiction, short stories, Whether you need a page to tell your own stories or your manuscripts are a little bit fatter, we would like to tell you about it.

fiction, genre, novel, short story: Fiction, novel, In keeping with the magazine's original purpose, the Ploughshares EMW Contest honors the work of an aspiring author in each of the three genres: fiction, non-fiction and literature. Essay, fiction, non-fiction, poems, short story, The Troubadour International Poetry Prize gives away 2,000 pounds, published on the Coffee-House website and invited to a Coffee House poets lecture in London in November.

The Wheelbarrow Books Poetry Prize is a biennial poem competition that awards an incumbent and a new poets each year. Entries are now possible for writers of at least one complete volume of poems. The FC2 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Competition is open to all US writers who have not yet released Fiction Collective Two.

Entries may contain a compilation of shorts, one or more novels or a novel of any length. Fiction, novel, Kurzgeschichte, The 2018 Fiction Competition will run from January 1 to June 1, 2018! Submit your storyline in mysterious, suspend or mysterious drama styles. It' a lot of laughs and a good practice of your writing abilities.

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