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A comprehensive list of short story competitions, including global and British short story competitions. The Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards Writer's Digest veranstaltet die Popular Fiction Awards. Creative Writing Contest gives students the opportunity to express themselves by writing fiction, non-fiction or poems. ("DDCE") at the University of Texas at Austin and with the generous support of AT&T, the Fresh Ink Fiction Contest promotes creative writing in Texas schools. Last year he published four stories in literary journals, one of which won third prize in the national fiction competition Hackney.

Poetry Competition | Poetry Competition

2018 is over. Congratulation to all who took part in this year's contest. The winner and the short-listed authors will be notified in September. The results were released on October 22nd. "It' s unbelievably affirmative to have placed a poetry in such a prestige contest as Bridport. Besides the tremendous joy it is really gratifying to know that the few verses you have worked on for so long in loneliness have shared their quintessence, the significance you wanted them to have with someone else".

Any kind of story is acceptable, from gruesome to romantic, with a length between 1,000 and 3,000 words.

Any kind of story is acceptable, from gruesome to romantic, with a length between 1,000 and 3,000 words. Participation fee: £6, or £3 for journal subscriber. Criticism - £5 (enclose with entry by mail). Price: Participation fee: £4 per person, or £6 if you would like a brief review (please add it for the review if you are arriving by mail).

Price: £200 in your chosen language. Participation fee: Price: £50 (usually the bare essentials, they say; price rises as more bookings are received). It' for fear and speculation, a kind of fiction that frightens you to turn off the light if something other than a little motte is there.

You must limit your listing to 5,000 words. Price: Participation fee: 5 pounds per person, 8 pounds for two people. Before you sniff this 450-word tale in the quiet word of beet growing, ask yourself that: Participation fee: No- free admission. The Stephen Spender Poetry Translation Award (in collaboration with the Guardian).

Participation fee: Grown-ups - £7. Admission is free if you are 18 years or younger. Price: Admission: £3 for one, £5 for two. Judicator is Nia Davies, publisher of Poetry Wales. Admission fees: Adult - £5. 75 for the first, £3. 50 after. Youths and kids get the first free entrance and are charged 1.75 for each additional one.

Tales can be on any topic, but must not surpass 1,200 words. Entrance fee: £5. to participate, submit the first 3,000 words of your storyline and a summary of the remainder of the storyline (up to 600 words). Price: Participation fee: No- free admission. Admission: £10.

Price (in each category): £300 and publishing in the magazine. Participation fee: £6. If you type in two different classes, it is £10 and for three£15. We have one from the Writing Creativity at the University of Huddersfield. â Your post can be fiction of up to 5,000 words or poetic of up to 40 words - and there is no point in objecting.

Entrance fee: £5, entry fee: £6, then I won the Yeovil Literary Prize for Poetry on my third entry. The Fitzcarraldo Editions Novel Prize. Jurors will be looking for tales that explore and broaden the opportunities of the new shape, are inventive and inventive, and address topics and topics that are pertinent to the way we work.

â Well, you didn't think it would be that simple when such a big price was at risk, did you? Price: Participation fee: No- free admission. Lastly, if you can agree to be 21 or below to your benefit, as you can then claim a much higher price while participating for free.

Participation fee: £10 if you are over 21 years of age. £5 if you are a 21+ year old undergraduate ("ID required"). Price: Admission: None - free admission. Participation fee: Flash- fiction - £5. Poetic - £5 for the first, £3 after. The length of a poem is unlimited and can be related to any topic.

Fifteen best verses will be printed in an eclectic collection sent to over 20,000 schools' galleries and poeticists. A prize-giving event will be held on National Poetry Day in London to which all 100 laureates will be honoured. Participation fee: New Cinnamon Press Debut Novel/Novella Prize.

Price: Participation fee: £8th Snapshot Press Chapbook Awards 2018. Price: Participation fee: £1.99. Participation fee: £14 per book of music. I can' t really say much more.... although your listing must be your own work. Participation fee: £5 for four limiticks (or less if you cannot administer four), then £1 for each addit.

Admission: 15 Euro. You are sending a history with up to 5,000 words or up to five verses with up to 40 rows each. You should add a 50-word biographical memo to your listing. Price: It was the greatest excitement to hear the director of Visit Wales hear my tale so awed and with obvious pleasure.

Betjeman Poetry Award. Additionally, there is a competition for teacher who succeed in bullying their profession. Each of the Top 50 poetry is published in an Anthologie. Participation fee: Please be aware that in this early phase you will have to enter your contribution under a pseudonym (one that you made up yourself, not Bic, etc.).

The Winchester Poetry Award. But don't try to amaze and please them with a brief history or a photograph of your kitten dancin' in a tutel. Adhere to a poetry of up to 40 rows. Prizes will be awarded at a Winchester Poetry Day Awards Ceremony on October 6.

There' also an award for the best Hampshire poet's work. Participation fee: £5 for the first, £4 thereafter. Price: Participation fee: Price: $1,000 (Canadian). Participation fee: Whatever your choice, your poetry should not exceed 50 rows. Participation fee: £5 per person for the first three, £4 per person thereafter.

Price: 500 Euro. In order to be eligible for the award, you must be able to visit the finals in Limerick, Ireland, on August 25. Participation fee: Robert Graves Award. Adjudicators are Frahling Peter Straus and David Harsent, president of the Poetry Centre. The Gloucestershire Resident Award - £200.

Participation fee: Entering is only possible for UK and Irish people. Admission fee: Adult (18+) - £5th HWA Dorothy Dunnett Short Story Award. Tales should not exceed 3,500 words. Up to 60 rows of poems or 2,500 words of prop.

Participation fee: Poetics - 3 pounds, 8 pounds for three each. Tales - 4 pounds each, 10 pounds for three. of the Aesthetica Group. Price (in each category): £1,000 plus other typographical prices. Finals will be announced in the Aesthetica Creativity Writing Annual. Entrance fee: 18 pounds for fiction, 12 pounds for poems. Participation fee: 3 pounds per person, 5 pounds for two people.

The Cheshire Literary Award. £750 extra cash will be given, but I was not informed of the exact terms at the moment of writing. Participation fee: The Franze Wright Poetry Award. Price: $2,000 and published by Eyewear Publishing. Admission: $15. Admission: £10. Price: Admission: £22.

Admission: 50 Euro. There is also the Bedford Prize for locals: Entrance fee: £6 per person, £12 for three. The Hammond House International Literature Award. It'?s a small tale - 500 pounds, 100 pounds, 50 pounds. Poetic - £100, £50, £25. Second place winners will get a brief preview of their Scripts. The stories and poems (25) short-listed will be edited in an Anthologie.

Admission: £10. The Galley Beggar Short Story Prize. Admission: £10. Pricelist of Blogging sponsored by NAUHA. Every cathegory has a different writing problem. Juvenile price - (up to) $900, $400, £150. Participation fee: The Troubadour International Poetry Prize. And, as always, for poetry with up to 45 rows on any topic.

You will need to put these on an A4 or US page so you can easily overlook the fact that the page is 200 words long (and if you want to know why, here is a note: The judge will read all the poetry you submit. Participation fee: £6 for the first, £4 thereafter.

Allirajah price. Participation fee: Opened all over the world, it will be an international one. The winner and up to 50 Honorable Mentions will be announced in the Momaya Poetry Review 2018. Participation fee: In addition, a one-page summary outlines the remainder of the history. Admission: £10. Price:

Entrance fee: For up to 50 line of Brexit music. Price: Participation fee: No- free admission. You should be sci-fi, phantasy or nightmare with awesome features. Participation fee: If not otherwise specified in the regulations, all verses should be single-line. All the remainder should be two rows (i.e. twice the distance between the rows, not the words!).

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