Fiction Submissions

Belletristic submissions

No novels, flash fiction, non-fiction, plays, screenplays, poems, hybrid works or unsolicited interviews are published. There are five great places to submit. Belles lettres, poetry and art contributions should be attached. Guidelines for the submission of non-fiction and fiction. The international literary magazine Open Zizzle is dedicated to publishing high-quality, innovative fiction for young people.

Guidelines for submission

We' re looking for inventive poems and feature films that surprise and entertain us. Proposals in general will be accepted for publishing in some or all of the following formats: We can only choose your contribution to be published on line. N.B. While we try to reply to each contributor, it is not always possible to reply to each author separately due to the size of the submissions.

Concurrent submissions are acceptable. Please note that if you have not received a reply from us within 8 week, please expect that your contribution was not approved on this occassion. Contributions will not be reviewed if they go beyond the boundaries of the words or if they are not presented in accordance with our entry policy. Shortfiction should appeal to ripe and demanding topics.

Normally we do not release sci-fi or phantasy writings or erotic. We' ll include up to 4,000 words of story. Poetics should show a confession to the ultra-specificities of speech and a sophisticated feeling for parable and metabolism. After all, abstract is the foe of good poetics.

Works should be sent in either by tender or e-mail. In order to submitt via Submitable, please open an affiliate profile and post your submissions via the onlineportal. In case you would like to enter several songs via Submitable, please mix them into one work. Make sure you have entered your work in the right categories.

As an example, a shortlist that has been entered in the poetic section will not be used. E-mail submissions should be sent to the following address. You' ll have to add your contribution to the e-mail. Enter the headline of your post in the thread line. Kindly be aware that submissions by post will be taken into account, but submissions by submittable or e-mail are highly-prefered.

Submissions should be sent by post to:

Five great literature magazines where you can enter your story for the first time.

We did fiction, we did fiction, we did poetry, and now it's your turn, writer! There are five great places to enter. None of the items on our mailing lists are open to new authors, have no fee and are open for submissions at the same time. Lascaux Review is a window for up-and-coming and mature authors.

LASCACUX (rhymes with "Bordeaux") is looking for shorts (and poems) that are "understandable and appealing to a wide audience". That' s why we like them: they are paying $100 per released piece (or poem/poem group); they are nominating works for the Pushcart Award, Best of the Net and others; and they are sponsoring yearly competitions in poetic, fiction & fiction.

While The Fiction Pool is a UK-based magazine and a relatively recent addition to the liter magazine community, they have already earned a good name for their prompt answers and appealing, high-quality blog. You are looking for courageous and audacious shorts (and poems and fiction). You' ll be accepting tales between 500 and 3000 words (so, fiction authors, that's for you too).

They often give us feedbacks when a tale is a near-accident and the profits from their anthologies go to the Book Bus, a non-profit association with the goal of increasing the rate of alphabetisation of children in Africa, Asia and South America. You will be accepting shorts with up to 3,000 words and are interested in both the originals and new translation of non-English lyrics (and poems).

We accept fiction and poetic works (including reproductions if you have the right to your work) and strive to reply to all submissions within 24hrs! Up to 15,000 words can be submitted as a long history or as several short films.

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