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In that case, everyone would write a great fiction. At the other side is the interactive fiction, which puts the story above everything else. The best editing software available by far is PerfectIt, but it is designed for use by professional editors, and you'll probably have a hard time using it. The reason why automatic audio transcription software is still science fiction. The Inform is a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language.

Belletristic Software

Years ago I purchased the fiction software Plots Unlimited. There is now an upgraded release of this novel authoring software available as Storybase 2, a Windows-based software that describes itself as the "ultimate story launcher and prompter clipboard". "When I purchased my software, I was hoping to find a simple, script-driven way to create a novel, a kind of "write by number" set, and of course that can't offer any software.

The software was interesting for its contents, which used the Monomyth, also known as the Hero's Journey, as the basis for its plot. The fiction software included all the right information, but no miracle cures to combine this information into an award-winning game.

I still have a vivid and powerful yearning for fictional software, or more precisely for new types of software that will work wonders. I wish I could find magic software to make it quicker and easier to compose a novel every writer, but there is no such game.

Searching for the right typing strategies, I believe I've watched every bit of fiction authoring software and novel authoring software, and none of them will make typing much simpler than you'll find it now. Nevertheless, fiction software is not a total wasted.

The whole software I have been looking at offers hundred of challenges that inspire the fantasy and help to solve conflicts. In Storybase 2, for example, you can select a character, Alex, antagonist Pat, along with a few ways of thinking such as rage and mistrust, and an act, and the software will suggest a phrase to suggest scene inspiration.

This Storybase demo provides some samples of what this might look like: As sophisticated as they might seem, I can think of the right phrase that leads to an inventive and fanciful cliché. Even more important is that the fiction software provides instructions, and the educational samples alone can explain the effort. Writer's Cafe is "a play area for the fantasy that makes fiction a pleasure and a fulfilment".

With WritePro, you can create round figures, exciting puzzles and glittering dialogues with fictitious software. Comes with a built-in text editor and stores everything you type autocomplete. "FictionMaster is provided by the creators of Sol Stein, but is more progressive and "leads the author to make the character truly unforgettable, reveals the Actors Studio technology to create immediate excitement in every sequence, shows exactly how to cope with the excitement in a novel", and allows the author to "transfer a passage, a page or a section of their own letter into the programme, enhance it under the direction of Sol Stein and retransmit it to the text processing that you are used to".

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