Fiction Short Story Examples

Short Story Fiction Examples

We' re publishing exciting short stories for everyone. ESPAY: "The remarkable reinvention of very short fiction", Robert Shapard. The very short questions and answers to the very short fiction. "No history is written on this couch," Hisham Bustani. The Public Library is a must-read for stubborn bookworms from Great Britain and other countries.


Georges begins his stroll through the ghost of crystals. Just in good season, George turns around to see a large, golden-haired baby come to a standstill. "The big pavian turns on his heel, falls on all four and passes George with a long cock that forms a gentle downhill turn. With the dull noise of their steps they go a few turns further until they arrive at the beginning of a long corridor whose wall is less translucent than most of the others George has seen so far.

Georges puts the rim of his hands against it and tries to see through. It would have been simple, too simple for him to find out for himself that there is the real heaven of a real life and that this, here around him, is only an delusion. It hadn' t arrived yet, but Michelle knew it wouldn't be long before she had her Wandering Deer Estates, this Buck Ridge Terrace adress.

Now she was standing in this reassuring trust in the door of her little cuisine, and watched the chaos unfurl without being so upset. Nevertheless, she asked herself why they all had to make their lunch at the same inconvenience. Then she glanced at Don's sandwhich had become meaningless in the rush.

Undoubtedly her next cuisine would be huge, sensational; it would be a wandering deer cuisine. Three-year old sockfoot Kyler, padded over the bottom of the galley with a crate of juices in his hands, gazed down at Don. We all wake up one mornin' and realize the weather's getting a little tight. Irrespective of the amount of disposable space they have, two lovebirds are spending the night in it.

Next morning, the lesson is wasted all over the newscast. Lovebirds Shawn and Lindsay wonder if it' really going by. At the beginning the rehearsals were conducted in a policestation and not in a college, theatre or parish centre. It had only one line ("Give me your cell phonecall, bitch!"), well spelled and easily remembered.

It' s so quiet at the Regis Station. It should be over half way back to McKinlay Station by now. While he enjoys joking and telling tales about his wife and daughter, he hasn't said a single thing during the three-hour trip to the Regis Station. How the research posts go, Regis is quite simple.

There' s enough room for basic research, but it should always be a temporary residence for visiting the town of Regis-Bell. It didn't last long, considering how long it was last used. This is the third one Pascal gave me on ice bear before I went.

You can' t just go on shoving your woman and wait for her to drink a cup of tea and plough a field and fire stags, like all of us who sometimes want to murder our women but never do. As the last vessel disappeared into the skies and the afterburner in the thick blanket of clouds covering our planet flickered briefly, there was fire.

So there were Molotov-on-a-car fire, one or two houses burned down, garbage can fire. This was a fire age when they were leaving us, but there never was such a fire.

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