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Publishers of fiction. Our goal is to discover and publish tomorrow's stars today. Fundemonium Books - Fantasy Press - Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc. Fiction - Fedogan & Bremer - Flame Tree Publishing. Before writing his debut novel The Bricklayer of Albany Park, Terry had not written a word of fiction, although some federal judges falsely claimed he had.


The Ebury Press is one of the best-known British non-fiction book listings with best sellers in almost all genres. The Ebury Enterprises is the publishing house of Ebury Publishing. As a synonym for'great new ideas books', Rider has published thoughtful works in the fields of ecology, philosphy, popular sciences, social relations, biographies, historical, travel, natural and spiritual life, from the bestseller Viktor Frankl to the adored Dalai Lama.

It' not always simple to write fiction.

It' not always simple to write fiction. To create a work that captivates the reader requires fantasy, narration and creativity in the use of it. The promotion of fiction - especially in an ever more varied publishing environment - can also be a real challange. What makes your books special without rejecting the reader? What do you do to attract the interest of critics, specialist dealers and the media without a high profile?

We work with your visions to fine-tune your books and bring them to market successfully.

A digital publishing house for addictive fiction

It is my aim, with the help of Aria Addicts, to find and release the celebrities of the future who want to find new and fascinating people. An ardent supporter of my work, Aria assisted me in realizing my vision of being a writer. Magnificent first edition of the magazine. They' re producing great fiction genres for insatiable people!

New number one publisher for addicting fiction! I' m so happy to be released by Aria - they are charming and supporting in collaboration. We have an energetic and competent specialist publishing group. Aria' made my dreams come true. But I never thought I would publish my novel in English and I have to thank them for their trust in me.

I' m on top of the chart with Aria, so they're number one in my opinion! We offer a wide range of services from editorial and editorial consulting to supporting the development of your SMA. Involved, supporting and beautifully imaginative - I am happy to be part of the awesome storyline at Aria.

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