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So if you know a fiction publisher we should add, please let us know. Latest updates at ' Fiction Publishers '. There is nothing says a broken dream like an unpublished novel. Headquartered in Manchester, North West England, we are an independent publisher specialising mainly in the publication of literary novels and high-quality fiction. High quality fiction with mystery, thrillers and romantic bestsellers.

Valley Press - Independent Publishing

Valley Press was founded in 2008 and is a flourishing freelance publisher located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. We bring the globe to Yorkshire and Yorkshire with writers from York, Leeds, London, Michigan and China. Immerse yourself in our catalog of fiction, non-fiction and poems and read immediately.

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In the words of our authors

We' re focusing on mystery stories, thriller and comedy. Bestsellers like Helen H. Durrant, T.J. Brearton, Faith Martin, Joy Ellis and Taylor Adams. We are pleased to work in close collaboration with gifted writers to help them build a career: they sell tens of thousand pieces of their work, sell films, sound and overseas titles, and have good marks on the bestselling chart.

We' ve had tremendous expansion and our aim is to keep finding very gifted writers. By 2017, 1.4 million of our titles had been distributed, including over 300 million pages on Kindle Unlimited alone (equivalent to another 1.5 million sales). Joy Ellis' four novels are among the top 50 British bestsellers on Amazon.

T.J. Brearton's "Gone" was the top bestseller in Great Britain and the USA with 25,000 units in its first issue. Ellis and H. Durrant's enigmatic range have already been selling over 500,000 units. In the UK, Faith Martin has placed her first five bestselling titles among the top 20. and Taylor Adams' No-Exit has sold translating copyrights in 14 different states.

Our main activities are the production of great reading material for our clients, long-term relations with writers and the commercialization of the works we like. In order to make a successful career possible, we have gained our own experiences and specialist knowledge from working with various writers from the USA and Great Britain. Everybody who works here is a book lover, and our writers know the untiring enthusiasm and devotion we put into their work.

This is an introductory book and hipster story with Art Sleuth:

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