Fiction Publishers in usa

Belles Lettres Publishers in the usa

You can publish hardcovers, paperbacks, picture books, fiction/non-fiction, poetry and merchandising. You are proud to be one of the few publishers to print your books in the USA. The Europa Editions is an independent publisher of high-quality fiction.

Guidelines for the submission of non-fiction books

This means that you can hand in your script for evaluation, regardless of whether you are currently working with a student or not. Entries will only be accepted for originals. Both fiction and non-fiction are published so that our entry rules are divided into fiction and non-fiction: We provide non-fiction in all important marketplaces if they comply with the following guidelines:

You need to find a solution to a specific issue, deliver tried-and-tested answers, or give your reader insight that is second to none. Submission of writers with or without literature agent. Acceptance of non-fiction entries in the following markets: Articles may be accepted in other stores if the writer has an existing community of fans and/or a promotion schedule.

No poems or children's photo book entries will be published or accepted. Otherwise, we will consider the publication of fiction works in most categories if they comply with the following guidelines: No fan fiction submission is accepted. Submission of writers with or without literature agent.

Notice: We do not post fiction or novels unless the writer is planning to collaborate with us on at least one novel in full length. Before submitting your manuscripts for peer-reviewing, please do your best. When we find innumerable typing errors, bugs or plots in your manuscripts, we will tell you that you will have to work with an editors and put more efforts and resources into the editorial work.

As a rule, the most conspicuous entries that are most likely to be approved for a contract are those that are well-written. Provide your full name, a short (2-3 sentences) summary or descriptive text of your suggested textbook and, if necessary, a hyperlink to your website(s). We have a Microsoft Word sample from our project group.

It can be downloaded and used to ensure that your script is correctly formated. Please if you have more than one textbook, please submit the one you are most looking forward to. Be free to state in your notice that you have authored several works, but just submit a script for proof.

When we approve your script, we can discuss other works you have authored with you. In case your script is not suitable for us, you are welcome to forward another text after we have replied to your first entry. Please do not ask our editorial staff to hand in several papers at once.

No. We do not take specimens physically, as we only work with eBook, paper back and audio book publications. These are the most frequently asked and answered articles about manuscripts: Are you accepting unrequested scripts? Yes, we are accepting uncalled submitted scripts and will check all entries within 30-60 workdays. Unauthorized writers make most of our entries, although we also welcome entries from Frahlingen.

That' s why we share all of our author emoluments 50/50, so you could make 3-6x the emoluments you would get from a typically old-fashioned publishers. It is our aim to help you generate a full-time revenue from the sale of your work. We are a free, independant publishers. This means that we never levy a publication commission.

Are you guaranteeing that you will release my work? Even if you comply with all the rules on this page, we check all submissions and determine on a case-by-case assessment whether it makes good business for us to make the writer an estimate. When we find that the writer or script is not yet available for publication, we will give you concrete advice on how to enhance your letter and the marketing of your work.

Writers who are open to constructional critique and willing to put their ego aside to study and growth are welcome to re-submit their papers for examination after editing. Are you accepting your entries? We do not check actual scripts or contributions to books. Please help us to rescue the tree by sending us your paper for verification on this page.

Or you can check out our FAQ on the subject of publication here. Notice: After we have received your request we will reply and you can send us your paper by e-mail. Please make sure that your script is available in Microsoft Word (either Word or Word docx) so that our editorial staff can check your work well.

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