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You publish poems, literary novels, philosophy and other "serious works". An award-winning independent publisher of literary fiction and stimulating non-fiction. Publishers of fiction. Aria has something for everyone: Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Sagas and Erotica. NoveI Publishers and NoveI Book Editors for First-Time Novelists and First Fiction: How to find a book publisher for your novel.

A digital publishing house for addictive fiction

It is my aim, with the help of Aria Addicts, to find and release the celebrities of the future who want to find new and fascinating people. An ardent supporter of my work, Aria assisted me in realizing my vision of being a writer. Magnificent first edition of the magazine. They' re producing great fiction genres for insatiable people!

New number one publisher for addicting fiction! I' m so happy to be released by Aria - they are charming and supporting in collaboration. We have an energetic and competent specialist in the field of electronic publication. Aria' made my dreams come true. But I never thought I would publish my novel in English and I have to thank them for their trust in me.

I' m on top of the chart with Aria, so they're number one in my opinion! We offer a wide range of services from editorial and editorial consulting to supporting the development of your SMA. Involved, supporting and beautifully imaginative - I am happy to be part of the awesome storyline at Aria.


The publishers of fiction, started publication on 30 November 1983. One of Robert Irwin's The Arab Nightmare was published in twenty different tongues and is now regarded as a novel of the time. Included in the Fiction Collection are published fiction in German and French, translations of fiction in the decadence of the German word for fiction, as well as translations of fiction from Europe, 1992-2012 and 1992 anthologies of fiction in the German-speaking world.

The Dedalus book collection also includes non-fiction literature in the Dark Master, City Noir and Concept Book ranges. He has created his own unmistakable style, which we call biased realities in which the odd, the extraordinary, the grotesque as well as the unreal merge into a kind of fictional intellect that is very muchuropean. The Dedalus has distributed the copyrights to his works in twenty-three different areas and twenty-three different tongues and has thus found a global public for its work.

It is our aim to be unique: an interesting, original and unmistakable option to business publishers to find new talents and put the UK publisher at the centre of Europe.

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