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""I love to visualize the narrative sheet and other elements of fiction in my novel."" For people who have never written before. The writing course on fiction shows how to design books that attract readers. Years ago I bought the fiction software Plots Unlimited. For those who are serious about writing a novel, an advanced course will deepen the mythical theory of plotting.

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A series of structural sketches for populare narrative narratives such as mysteries, romanticism and shorts. These storylines are all built into Novel Factory, so you can finish each step, adding your own steps, sorting and mixing into actions.

Download a free test version of Novel Factory and see how it can help you write.

Writing a Novel Steps by Steps | Story Plotting Software

A roadmap is a full step-by-step procedure for creating a novel. This works by beginning with a fundamental concept of history and extending and superimposing it until you have a full work. Every stage contains an accomplishable goal based on the last one and introduces and explains the similarities of the fictitious letter that is selling, with explanatory samples.

Every item requires minimal previous experience, so it is ideal for novices, and if you are already proficient in some or most aspects of written creativity, you can simply jump ahead. Novel Factory software incorporates the roadmap, but if you wish, you can use the Novelriting Roadmap entirely independently - all stages are listed below.

Some of the best applications for writing, planning & plotting your novel[Feature]

Aim is to create a 50,000-word novel by 30 November and you can get there with reasonable means or wrong. Get the inspiring and persistent writing skills you need most to create your novel with NazoWriMo. Fortunately, applications can help you with both. Here is the ultimate guidebook for Mac and iOS based applications of NazoWriMo.

You can' t bring this novel out into the realm with the help of these applications. The funniest thing for some is to write a novel or a script. However, the applications in this section make it an entertaining rather than a task to collect and collect your input.

They are subdivided into different groups - personalities, plotting, settings and even parts of words (need an eventsverb? There is a listver?). The best part is that you can put everything you find in the schedules on your own memo to keep for later, and this can be sent by email - great for mailing to Evernote, for example.

They may not always relate to it, but if you need to recall whether your character murdered his first woman or his second woman (or was it his longtime mistress?), or if you are looking for a place to keep all the note you wrote in your notepad on the long solitary evenings you spend alone in a half a whiskey cafe.

Design is also by Agile Tortoise, the creator of Phraseology, and is less a full-fledged typing instrument and more a way to write down and then spread notions. They can open the text in just about any application or directly attach it to a drop box, an already exists drop box or Evernote, SimpleNote, Omnifocus, as well as write kit and so on.

The Evernote is a great place for you to collect your thoughts, research and notations. It is a free application and web services that saves your comments, whether they are text, web pages or images. While the billions of applications that work with Evernote are outside the framework of this NaNoWriMo application item, they are noteworthy because they allow you to submit information from almost anywhere.

Like almost all document-based applications of the iOS drop box, each application also provides Evernote exports. Would you rather make your memos on pen? You can then use Evernote to rescan them and have them perform OCR (optical mark recognition), making them scans. Browse your hand-written memos.

It' free, but when you buy, you get a much quicker scan of your captured memos, plus more space, plus off-line note saving in the Evernote iPhone applications (free accountholders must be on-line to be able to access their memos). The Index Card is really for scriptwriters, but it works great for any type of stories that need to be organized.

Or you can apply color captions (with customisable names), synchronise with dropbox, and use long text boxes to either fill in your scene or type the whole script/novel. The best part is that the tab is synchronized with Scrivener, with the order of the sequences and memos on the maps.

Associate, enlarge, reduce and move memos with arrow keys and line. Yes, this application should probably have come to iPad first, but there you are. You can also use Scrivener in the betas in almost any file size, but if you have Scrivener on your Mac, you can simply pull a memo from Scapple and put it on your project's list/corkboard.

Mind mappings on iPad are especially good because you can move around the music and knots with your hands before eventually adding them to a useful dropdown menu. iThoughts is my favourite because it uses hotkeys and provides a wide range of exports possibilities. Shortcut keys on an iPad that you ask?

Once you're done, you can save your idea in good old text, PDF, images or - best of all - OPML. Write on a MacBook Air, a large old iMac or iPad? It' a simple app writer, not a text editor.

They are all good - just choose the app you find most convenient or inviting. Scrivener is designed for typing, unlike Microsoft Word, which was originally designed to convert words into a print-ready outfit. For this purpose, it splits your font into scrivenings, text fragments, the chapter of a novel or parts of an item (like this one).

You can move these unformatted scrivening around as memos on a corkboard, or combine them as you please as you battle with your storyline. Folded text can be used both for scheduling and for the composition of a novel. While it uses pure text, and you can open its filenames in any other editors (if you tell them to disregard its non-TXT filename extension), there are many additional features on top of it.

You can use them to split a scene into parts and mark the appearance of a character, location or important MacGuffin while you type, which saves you a great deal of work. UsLysses is a great, full-featured text editor from Soulmen, the creator of Daedalus Touch for the iPad. It' also way too chic to be used as a pen.

The New Ulysses is a basic, easy markdown text creator and - in the latest version - quite functionally bound. However, if you like to write in Markdown, you could do a whole hell of a hell of a lot more than trying out this naked but handsome edit. I' m not gripped by the first one - I'm not a horseman, so I don't miss the web just because it's a secret - but the scroll of the typing machine that keeps the currently chosen line in the middle of the page should be an optional in any text author.

Agile Tortoise, the people behind Drag's and the author's terminology, makes it easy to write and use. Does all the common things you would have expected in 2012 - Markdown assistance (and preview) and "Open in...." assistance for submitting to other applications - but it does add a few other nice things, one of which I think is inimitable.

Another clean feature (besides living vocabulary and counting characters) is the Inspektor, which gives you all types of mad statistics about your document: breaking down words by typ (number of words, adjectives, etc.), mean words per phrase, mean syllables per words, Gunning Fog Index (?!), Voight-Kampff-Skala (joke) and much more.

No Dropbox or iCloud is currently being used. And if you use phraseology in your entire novel, that's no big deal. Till you lost your ePad and all your work with it. A Daedelus Touch is an iPhone text publisher that claims to be a pile of endlessly long pages.

You can synchronize a batch of papers as a Dropbox folders (so you can move back and forth with other applications). Write on to resume your project or insert a new name to make it a new one. The easiest and probably best looking way to split a work between your Mac and iPad.

With you there, you can keep typing where you stopped on your iPad. The Byword Markdown Wizard is a markdown utility that allows you to apply formats to pure text before you preview or export with all italic and phone-format. While you can also see a number of words at the bottom of the page and synchronize with dropbox, Byword's strong point is iCloud synchronization and ease.

It' a simple text/markdown text and text editing tool with dropbox functionality and is perfectly suited for simultaneous use. It can also browse your instantaper or ready later items (very convenient for novelists), and submit them to just about any application you have, and directly to certain service providers such as Evernote and OmniFocus.

It is also possible to display a number of words and characters from the text file exported-dialogue. It is also rugged. Not only do a few applications help you make your typing quicker and simpler, they also give you the assurance that even if your text editing software crashed, your computer exploded or your home burned down, your valuable script is secure.

Although it looks good, it can' t necessarily be too crashing - not what you want when you try to do it. Not marked for typing. Yes, many applications have a previewer so you can see how your Markdown text will look when it' s imported to HTML or RTF or whatever, but Marked, from Terpstra is offering this and a heap more.

Next, it features a real-time verb counting, and you can adjust the display to just about anything you like. Or you can save the text so that you can create and save a markdown from any application that can enter text, and - here's the lush, gold bonuses with sugars on top - you can display some weird statistics about your work.

Last but not least, a tip: Place a directory on the symbol of the selected application and a thumbnail of the most recently processed document is displayed as well. Both the adhesive that will hold most of these other applications together and the chute that will rescue your butt if you loose your job.

Dropdropbox is an application and a servic. It is the de facto filesystem on your Mac. You can also browse to all files in your drop box folders. It not only synchronizes everything smoothly between the machines, but also records the changes to each individual document (the amount of this log varies depending on whether you are paying or not).

So if you accidentally overwrite a section or remove a deleted section, you can go back to an earlier one. You even have one more weeks to choose the app you want and fill up with coffees and cakes.

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