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Belletristic publishing house

Gladly we accept also longer fiction directly from authors. The Kensington publishing house remains the leading American publisher of novels. List of general fiction publishers with full contact details. If a publisher buys your book, they risk tens of thousands of dollars that you will at least reach the break-even point. Belletristics & Non-Fiction News & Offers.

Belletristic publishing house

Publishers of fiction. AFFNITY follows the increasing tendency of businesses to create fictitious literary works in the developing electronics publishing world. We strive to create high-quality, accessible works of fiction. McAauley Publishers Ltd. Austin Macauley Publishers was created 2006 with seat in London and was created as dynamic and innovatively independently specialized publishing house.

To further expand our global reach, we recently opened an New York City based firm on Wall Street. From historic romance to famous autobiography, from illustrative children's stories to detailed engineering handbooks, from powerful Thriller to contemplative poetic. Austin Macauley is always ahead and proud to be able to provide both new and previously released writers with the chance to establish themselves in the competition of literature.

Barkking Rain Press is an impressum of BRP Publishing Group (BRP), a non-profit publishing house in the Portland/Vancouver area, a flourishing centre for independant publishers, authors and literature publishers. Currently BRP runs three reprints, among them Rain Press, Virtual Tales and Nitis Books. Learn more about the BRP Publishing Group on its website

The BiblioYou is a personal publication platform designed to enable writers to post their works in printed and eBook-format. With the BiblioYou system, Big O Publishers Group has more than ten years of expertise in all areas of commerce and scientific publication. Releases hardcovers and TRAPERBACK original and reprint books as well as e-books.

Published 10-15 printed title per year, 10-20 ebook-only title. Founded in 2010, Blue Monkey Studio (BMS for short) is an ltalian based enterprise specialized in graphical designs, illustrations and publication/editing. Offering high-value artwork and designs at competitively priced prices to domestic, foreign and domestic customers, it ensures that a company's brand image is effectively enhanced by the use of personalised logos, mascots, stationery, visiting cards and web designs.

Since its foundation in 2003, BLVNP has achieved great results both on the Internet and in standard publishing. The BLVNP is bringing a broad palette of books to the table, both on conventional and digitally. We' re taking on adventure topics and using new technologies and online publishing to give our readership the fun they want and the authors the hit they merit.

They will bring pleasure to our readership, which in turn will help to improve their life. A nascent young publisher of various styles, launching the career of first-timers. Our aim is to lead you into the bricks-and-mortar era and offer you a future that will enable you to expand with us on our way through the new limits of electronic publication.

Greetings to our readership and authors. We' ve written over 110 titles and are now 24 years old. What we want is a brief fiction about work and working life. We' re hosting a Great Lakes Novel Contest. Feature film about working life. We are an indepent media for e-books, organised as a private corporation in the State of North Carolina.

To date we have released three books, a brief history and six chapters of a sci-fi fiction fancy film. We are an independant Christendom publishers who serve like-minded people. It is our aim to be a fresh source in the life of all our readership. LLC believe in a new publishers business concept.

Someone in which the writer and the reader really mingle. Nexus Point for authors and editors. The Cambron Publishing Group LLC ("CPG") was established with the conviction that professionality, commitment and endurance are the pillars of our business-creation. With the release of full-length fiction in the category Mystery/Suspense/Crime. We' re a small, independant publishing house and want to keep it that way.

The Cracked Jar Press is an internationally powerful publisher based in the North America Arts and Cracked Jar Press, Chicago, Illinois. We' re proud to create works that spark movement, annotate societal grievances, say words of cure and memorize themselves in the wall carpet of the age. CyrPress Publications is a small freelance publisher that strives to produce works that make a real positive impact in our lives.

Besides the conventional fee-based publications, we also offer author publishers' work. Once you've cast your mind and your spirit into a tale you want to tell the rest of the planet, your publisher experiences should be an thrilling venture, Figroot is an independent newspaper that releases four a year.

Our publications include viscerale, gutreißende Poesie, Gedichte in Übersetzung, Kurzprosa, Kunst und Fotografie, and J Publishing is a small independently based publishing house specialized in Print on Demand Publishing Done Right. Previously known as Omega Publications, formerly possessed by Gayle and Jeff Farmer, Green Frog Publishing provides full support as little or as much as you need.

You can select the assistance you need from a full suite of expert publishers. The Horrified Presse is dedicated to scaring and astonishing you with a series of top ethnologies, fiction and compilations by the world's top writers. We are a medium-sized company with the private touch of a small newspaper.

We are a new primary publisher for romantic, YA and fiction. Our quest at Inkspell is to captivate our reader with enchanting stories of magic world and fans. We at Inkspell Publishers make sure that the writer gets the right help to create the best storyline he/she can.

Jan Carol is a cooperation between a small independant group of publishers and a highly committed team of writers.

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