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The" Nanny" writers say the script is a satirical film, not a film. During their eight years, Mclaughlin and Kraus worked as carers for about 30 host families and say that "these are not represented in this book". In" The Twins of Tribeca", Rachel Pines of the Miramax brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the young and suspicious crew behind the 1997 Oscar-winning script for "Good Will Hunting" is described as Milli Vanilli of the script.

In her 1983 publication "Heartburn. "Hero Rachel Samstat finds out that her man Mark is in lover with another one. In" Nothing Serious" the popular Popstar and modeller Paula became an insidious bad guy for the theft of the father's wife Justine Levy.

In a devastating "fictionalized" report, Levy recorded her separation. In" The Twins of Tribeca" De Niro appears as Eddie De Silva, a famous secluded actress who also possesses the room in which the siblings work. Penny Motherf-er Saxe - PMS for acronym - operates the Celeb Magazin and is the most hateful women in Manhattan's medium.

Tom Wolfe's 1987 satirical "The Bonnefire of the Vanities" honours defender lover Hayes. It focuses on Wall Street banking expert Sherman McCoy, who inadvertently meets a young African teenager in the Bronx with his own car and divides the town racially. "The writer devoted the work to them, and Gerald said Fitzgerald used "everything he noticed or was informed about me" during his years together in France.

However, the second half of the volume, which shows how the divers' relationships break up, seems to be due to Fitzgerald's turbulent union with Zelda. In Koslow's "Little Pink Slips" the TV bigmouth appears as Bebe Blake, a despicable, oversized publishing house for celebrities magazines with "lady wrestle legs" and a preference for bike briefs.

Kozlov, the former publisher of McCall's, was compelled in 2001 when the reign was transferred to O'Donnell to publish her homonymous series. A few month later things went downhill - as did the Bebe mag in the text. "Writer Rachel Pine may have sneaked Paltrow into her novel as "Juliet Bartlett," a young, well-educated Hollywood celebrity who makes her boyfriends mad with her pompous rag.

American Media's Chief Executive Officer is known as "Harvey Dick" in Green's Star tell-all "Dishalicious". "Unfortunately, the sluggish play on penises wasn't the deepest point in the game. The Reverend Bacon in "The Bonnefire of the Vanities" - an opportunist advocate of citizens' liberties who uses a fugitive from a car against a young African for social profit - is Sharpton.

One year before the publication of the novel, Sharpton was involved in the Tawana Brawley dispute in which a 15-year-old woman wrongly alleged that she had been violated. Weisberger was fired up by the founder editress of, who fought back in her second volume "Everyone Worth Knowing". Tine wrote her image in the textbook to annoy her.

WEINSTEIN, The N.Y.C. magazin Executive (picture above in 2000 with Chris Noth, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mrs. Lisa) inspired Mr. Big in "Sex and the City". "Jill White in the work is a young woman from the South attending a New England residential home (Pratt was raised in North Carolina and attended the Phillips Academy in Massachusetts).

After moving to New York, she ends up at the head of Cheeky Review (Pratt founds Sassy). Amber Thiessen's eye has been scraped out by Sassy Tiffani-Amber Thiessen), pulls the protagonist along and founds the journal Jill. Rachel Pine's "The Twins of Tribeca" was inspired during her tenure as Harvey Weinstein's (Inset) aide.

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